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Froggy’s Fog Fobbles Bubble Fogger Machine Review

What child isn’t fascinated by bubbles? By the time we have kiddos of our own, we’ve blown thousands and thousands of bubbles. We’ve chased them. Froggy’s Fog Fobbles F2, the Bubble Fogger Machine, is not only thrilling the children but leaving adults in awe!

Our experience happened on June 12th. It was MacKenzie and her boyfriend’s four-month anniversary. Each was headed in their direction for ten days–she to Pittsburgh as a Camp Counselor and him to Tennessee to do Mission Work. MacKenzie had a surprise celebration.

mackenzie and cooper

It involved her first, on-her-own, homemade salted caramel cheesecake, window marker hangman, and the Fobbles F2 The Bubble Fogger, the 4-in-1 Machine that makes Haze, Bubbles, Fog, and Fog-Bubbles (“Fobbles”).

It’s our first bubble machine. The two of them assembled it (it required connecting the plug and pouring in bubble solution and fog solution.

froggys fog foggles setting up

Froggy’s Fog is bringing a new innovative bubble to the party scene. Fobbles create fog-filled filled bubbles! Even for teenagers, Fobbles entertained and did not disappoint.

froggys fog three bubbles floating

The portable Fobbles machine is ideal for a home party. It is easy to set up. You can add a connected timer or remote control for even more fogging machine action.

It does have a warm-up period, and then it starts producing the Fog. A lot of Fog!

A switch on the side activates the Fog filled bubbles! The bubbles spew out of the Machine filled with Fog.

froggys fog bubbles with one popping

In the photo above, MacKenzie is blowing fog-filled bubbles, and Cooper reaches out and pops a fog-filled bubble, leaving a haze of Fog.

We captured a bubble on the floor on film.

froggys fog fob bubble

We also caught the same bubble as we popped it to share the puff of Fog.

froggys fog fobbles bubble popping

The bubbles are long-lasting and float a good distance.

MacKenzie and Cooper mixed liquid dish soap with water to coat their hands so they could “catch” the bubbles. It is NOT recommended to put dish soap in the Machine!

froggys fog cooper with bubble

Each one of them found catching them to be awesome.

froggys fog catching a fog bubble

No matter how many they caught, each one still made them so giddy!

froggys fog catching bubbles

What makes this Machine great is that you can make regular bubbles or Fog filled bubbles. MacKenzie and Cooper had more fun with the Fog filled bubbles since it was something new that they had never seen before.

froggy's fog fobbles mackenzie


Froggy’s Fog Fobbles F2 Bubble Fogger Machine

This Machine has a 400-watt heater core that allows you to create fog-filled bubbles that POP with a POOF! The Machine operates using both Fog fluid and bubble fluid which allows the bubble and fog machine to run the functions independently.

It can be used as a classic bubble, Fog, or haze machine. The Fobbles F2 Bubble Fogger includes a line remote and is compatible with the optional Wireless/Timer Remotes available.

froggys fog fog bubbles with mackenzie and cooper

The day was a great success, and the two of them hated to have to put the Froggy’s Fog Fobbles Machine away at the end. They were making plans to do it again as they cleaned up.

froggys fog bubbles floating

Watch the Fobbles video on YouTube:

Froggy’s Fog offers a complete line of FUN machines to make any event a celebration. Learn more about the Froggy’s Fog products at

Purchase the Machine via Amazon — through, or on Amazon – for $124.99.

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