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Freaky Pets Review

Cute to Cranky

My kiddos tend to have split personalities. They transform from Mr. Hyde to Dr. Jekyl in fractions of a second! They go nuclear without explanation. Finally, there’s a toy out there that they can relate to; FREAKY PETS! It’s a toy line that transforms from cute and cuddly to freakishly fun!

Freaky Pets Review

Freaky Pets-Collect Them All

About Freaky Pets

Freaky Pets are the first-of-its-kind line of transformable plush creatures that come to life in an online virtual world. The cute creatures turn into creepy critters just by turning the animals inside out, two toys in one! Kids will love to collect and play Freaky Pets with friends! Freak Pets can be purchased at select Hallmark stores and after purchasing you receive a code which allows you access into the fun online virtual 3-D world where your stuffed animals come to life! Kids can let their imagination run wild while caring and training their Freaky Pet. After their pet learns enough tricks, kids can put them into a competition with other users. They can also play mini-games winning coins which can be used to personalize their pet. The plush pets and 3-D game combine the timeless fun of collecting stuffed animals with age-appropriate content online.

We received Turtoe Freaky Pets to review:

In their cute state, the extremely cautious Turtoes rarely extend their heads all the way out of their shells. Rarely seen in the wild, the Turtoe is usually camouflaged by the smooth stones found on the banks of rivers and streams. Contentious and ready to start a ruckus, cranky Turtoes are never shy about looking for action. They use their strong legs for jumping and the spikes on their back for protection.

Li’l Man loves this side of Turtoe’s personality. The cranky side.

turtoe Freaky Pets

Freaky Pets: Turtoe

Even from the side, he’s a billboard for cranky. His spikes jet out and he snarls. It’s hard to say why he’s cranky. He probably has a sister that looked at him wrong!

side view of Turtoe Freaky Pets

Freaky Pets: Turtoe (side view)

Thankfully, sometimes, Turtoe is coy, mild-mannered and cute. He’s soft and cuddly.

Freaky Pets: Turtoe

Freaky Pets: Turtoe (cute and cuddly)

Freaky Pets change from cute and cuddly to cranky through a velcro pocket in the back. It’s clever and Li’l Man loves the ability to transform one toy into another to suit his mood.

turtoe Freaky Pets

Freaky Pets: Turtoe (side view)

Freaky Pets has my praise due to the creative play these plush provide. Li’l Man has, at times, had both Cute and Cranky Turtoe out at the same time and enjoys living vicariously through the two. This being said, there is one thing that we have noticed that needs improvement. The velcro pocket can be difficult to close. It takes some manipulation to get the alter-ego inside and closed. Li’l Man doesn’t seem to care.

As an added bonus Freaky Pets come to life through, the 3D virtual world, on the computer. Every Freaky Pet plush has a code that unlocks a 3D pet avator. Here Freaky Pets can be trained to do tricks while children chat and play games in a safe, monitored environment, also known as Pet Town.

Freaky Pets

Freaky Pets: Turtoe and Li’l Man

Pet Town is a continually evolving world where new games, pet accessories and other content are continually being added to and improved upon. Pet Town doesn’t accept third-party advertising on the site and kids can adopt a pet for free, but access to special features and expanded content requires the purchase of a toy exclusively available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide.

*I received a Freaky Pets Turtoe in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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