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Fitness Tips for Real Estate Agents

We hear about the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle, such as weight gain and postural problems in most cases. However, it is less common to hear about the threats of being on your feet the whole day like most real agents do.

If you are a real estate agent, it is very important to stay fit and healthy whether you are going around meeting clients or listing properties. Even though all the walking and moving around is great, you will still need to exercise regularly.

fitness tips real estate

Fitness Tips for Real Estate Agents

Health and fitness experts indicate that exercising three or four times a week is good. While exercising, you should focus on the back and core. Planks and push-ups are some of the simple exercises you can try. Even though you only use your body weight, these exercises are very efficient.

A strong core will provide you with more stability and balance at all times. It also helps to participate in physical activities such as walking and standing. Most agents want a nice routine and balance between cardio and strength. They always want to keep fit to deliver in their professional fields.

According to fitness experts, although cardio and strength are essential, mobility is also beneficial. Experts suggest that walking helps to tighten the calf muscles. Since there are two layers of calf muscles, you will need two kinds of stretches. For example, you can place your foot on some staircase and let the heel drop down. Perform the stretch while the knee is straight and again when bent. This helps to stretch both the superficial and deep muscles.

After the calve muscles, you will need to focus on the knees and quadriceps muscles because they also feel the impact of standing and walking all day. Start stretching the quads because they get the most tension. While standing, bring the heel to the buttock, place your hand on the top of the foot and pull back as far as you can. Lie down on the floor and pull your knee to the chest on the opposite side for the glutes. Repeat on both sides for more effectiveness.

In the Dubai property market, the top real estate brokers in Dubai need to stay fit to clinch the best deals. You will get various property options at different prices and locations within the city. A good example is the Emaar Mina Rashid project, one of the Emaar off-plan projects in Dubai. But to help your client get the best deal, you’ll have to do a lot of legwork, and to do that: you must make sure you stay fit.


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