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Fiskars® Duck® Edition scissors for Crafting without Stick!

I received Fiskars® Duck® Edition scissors in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

As a child I remember wanting to craft and always getting in trouble for using my mom’s Fiskars with the famous orange-handle. She’s tell me they weren’t for paper, but they seemed to rock anything!

Fiskars® Duck® Edition scissors might be saving Miss M and my relationship. you see she is a passionate crafter and one of her favorite craft mediums in Duck tape. She combines this passion and medium with my scissors. There is NOTHING more sticky than Duck tape on Mom’s scissors!

Fiskars Duck Edition Scissors Review

Problem solved with Fiskars® Duck® Edition scissors. These state of the art scissors feature a non-stick blade coating that allows them to cut through sticky adhesives without the gummy build-up. They may also have perfected cuts with the optimized blades that allow precision cutting on not only Duck® tape but a slew of other crafting mediums.

Fiskars Duck Edition Scissors 5

The Fiskars® Duck® Edition scissors are available in an 8″ blade for longer cuts and a 5″ blade for detailed cuts.

fiskars duck edition scissors spotlight

Miss M spent Saturday making a Windsock out of  Duck® tape. We could not believe how easily the Fiskars® Duck® Edition scissors cut through the tape. So easily that her lines were sharp and clean.

duck tape windsock

The scissors are now available on and at retailers nationwide, including JoAnn stores. For inspiration or to share your Duck Tape® creations, go to, or visit the Fiskars on Facebook.

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