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Father’s Day Came Early

Bea’s Gift Baskets Creates Memories
This afternoon a box arrived. It was from Bea’s Gift Baskets. When we opened it, my children were giddy with excitement. They could not contain themself. It was like when I received the Valentine Basket from Bea’s Gift Baskets I had won. 
They sat quietly in their room, just staring at this beautiful basket they were giving their dad.

 I think they looked at it, sealed for a good hour.

When I went to check on them, the Divine Miss M revealed “THE PLAN”. I helped her put the basket in the corner and we covered it with a blanket.
She gave me the low-down on how it was all going to play out. “When Daddy tucks me in tonight, I’m going to tell him I think there’s a Monster under the blanket. Then when he lifts up the blanket we’re going to yell, “Surprise! Happy Early Father’s Day!””
It was a great plan, though short lived.
As soon as Li’l Man saw Daddy-O walking up the walk, he bee-lined it to the bedroom, grabbed the basket and met Pops at the door with the basket and shouted, “Look what Bea’s Baskets sent for us to give you!”
There was a lot of chaos in just a few short seconds. When the craziness settled, The Divine Miss M was crying and going on about “My brother ruined everything!” You’d have thought we were Italian with all the hand gestures she was displaying!
When her Scotch-Irish roots reclaimed her, Daddy and the kiddos opened the Bea’s Gift Baskets’ Master of the Grill basket. They oh-ed and ah-ed at everything and then got to eating.
Li’l Man has never seen packaged “Party Mix” and kept saying, “There’s a party in this bag, Mom!”

Bea’s Gift Basket made Father’s Day a HOME RUN at our house. Daddy felt so special and the children thought they were pretty HOT STUFF giving Dad a basket nearly as big as them!

Have you ordered your Father’s Day Gift?


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