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Family-Friendly Adventures: Top Destinations for Kids with Culture and History

Thinking of planning your next international trip with your kids? Then, you might have difficulty deciding where to go because the best location for a family vacation needs to balance activities that keep kids interested and create a rewarding experience for adults.

Family vacations are for making memories that will last a lifetime. This is why it is important to find the best destination that will let this thing happen. Also, just because we are talking about a vacation doesn’t mean kids will do nothing. Traveling is the perfect moment for kids to learn something new, offer them plenty of adventure, and expose them to new cultures. But don’t forget to bring the essentials with you, like food, some toys, and an e sim card to stay connected with the family back home so that your vacation will not become a nightmare.

Here are the best destinations to visit with your kids.

Top Destinations for Kids with Culture and History

London, England

London is an ideal place for families, especially for the royal sites that amaze both kids and adults. Here, people will get the chance to see one of the most popular tourist attractions, Buckingham Palace, where tourists are amazed by the changing of the guard ceremony.

Among the other experiences kids need to try is a ride on the London Eye to see the city from 443 feet above. This is a place where you will take plenty of pics to send to your family and friends back home, so don’t forget to opt for eSIM iPhone to have the best connectivity wherever you go.

Plus, kids will always want to see the country of their favorite movie of all time, Harry Potter. The Tower of London is another place kids will love, as it has a long, dark history that captures their imagination. Although little ones will not really pay attention to the city’s architecture, they will still be impressed by the grandeur of the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and the Parliament Buildings.

Continue to explore the city in the Soho district, the bustling Covent Garden, and Trafalgar Square, as they are some of the most interesting areas in London. If you want to visit museums, consider the Natural History Museum, full of exhibits that appeal to all ages.

San Diego, California

This kid-friendly city has plenty of attractions, including San Diego Zoo, known for its cage-free natural habitats, and an impressive variety of residents from all around the globe, including more than 3,700 animals, like koalas, giant pandas, giraffes, sloths, penguins and more. The experience of kids with animals doesn’t need to stop there, as visitors can also check out San Diego Zoo Safari because it has authentic safari vehicles, where visitors can tour to see lions, giraffes and rhinos.

SeaWorld is another place that will offer amazing experiences. More than just an aquarium, this huge amusement park offers thrilling adventures, water rides, and virtual reality experiences suitable for all ages. Also, kids will be able to meet ocean life creatures, like sea otters, sea lions, orcas, and dolphins.

San Diego is also home to one of the top amusement parks worldwide. Tourists can visit Balboa Park, which contains plenty of family attractions, like museums, gardens, playgrounds, and a science center. Another alternative is Belmont Park, an excellent seaside option, and Legoland, an amusement park near San Diego.

Cairo, Egypt

If you want to engage kids in history and culture, then you need to consider Egypt, as this country checks every box recommends Travel and Leisure. Being part of another culture for a few days and experiencing the daily life of Cairo will be a worthwhile experience. The vacation needs to include visits to the Great Pyramids, trips to Luxor, and the Valley of Kings. Being present in a world kids have heard only from their history classes gives them a perfect experience. Children will be amazed to admire the pyramids and subterranean tombs and will want to learn more information even later on.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague might not be the first destination that crosses parents’ minds when they plan a vacation, but it is undoubtedly a city that must be visited. Plus, its breathtaking beautiful architecture, fairy-tale castle, and fascinating old sites will make kids fall in love with the city.

Any visit to Prague should start with a tour of Prague Castle, as it is the largest castle complex worldwide. Because it is huge, a tour can take a full day. But if you have restless kids, you will want to focus on the highlights, including the Royal Garden, home to the famous “Singing Fountain,” the Old Royal Palace, and the Powder Tower.

In the New Town district, tourists need to Head to Wenceslas Square, a stunning area home to numerous shops and restaurants, as well as the National Museum. Families can also visit the Prague Zoo, as it is one of the world’s top zoos. Visitors will have the chance to see over 650 species in a unique way, as the zoo allows viewing the habitats via a chairlift.

Another family-favorite attraction is the Petrín Lookout Tower, which provides stunning city views. Mirror Maze is another attraction kids will love, being a labyrinth built in 1891.

Rome, Italy

Rome will seem fascinating to kids of all ages, as the city never disappoints, states Forbes. The most iconic tourist attraction is the Colosseum, where kids can learn more about Rome’s history and see the location where animals and gladiators served once as entertainment.

A good way in which kids can learn about the history of Rome is the Time Elevator Rome, an immersive activity that explores the history of Rome from ancient times until present.

Other top attractions for families include the Egyptian Museum at the Vatican, the Roman Forum, a visit to the 2,000-year-old Pantheon, tours of the Catacombs and a coin toss at the Trevi Fountain.

So, which of these destinations will you pick for your next vacation?

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