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EZstringer Makes Replacing Drawstrings a Cinch! Review

Solving My Mending Woes with EZStringer

Ever had that dreaded mending pile staring at you, filled with items in dire need of a new drawstring? It’s the kind of chore we tend to procrastinate on, simply because it’s a hassle. But why, oh why, didn’t I discover the magic of EZStringer sooner?

ezstringer logo

The Tale of Li’l Man’s Favorite Sweatshirt

In the heart of my mending pile lay Li’l Man’s beloved sweatshirt, a cozy garment that had somehow found its way into Mom’s ever-growing pile of repairs. Every week, without fail, he’d inquire if I’d managed to fix his cherished shirt, only to receive the same, disappointing response, “No.”

Today, however, amid a household grappling with the flu’s unwelcome presence, Li’l Man posed the question once more, and I countered with a suggestion, “Why don’t you do it yourself?” An intrigued spark lit up his eyes as I handed him the EZStringer 3 pack, a trio of tools designed for effortless stringing, each in different sizes tailored to various applications.


ezstringer 3-Pack

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

Together, we perused the suggested uses:

  • Large Yellow EZStringer: Ideal for most applications and those bulky clothes.
  • Medium Orange EZStringer: Perfect for tasks involving grommets.
  • Small Pink EZStringer: Suited for delicate applications.

In the end, we opted for the Medium Orange tool, probably because Li’l Man had recently discovered what a grommet was, and his beloved sweatshirt happened to feature two of them!


EZstringer 12 drawstrings

EZStringer’s Hidden Treasure

But EZStringer had more in store for us. A quick visit to their website revealed a tempting offer: a 12-pack of drawstrings for just $9.98! This treasure trove featured an array of colors, perfect for replacing lost or worn-out strings or even for upgrading and adding a fresh splash of color to existing drawstrings. From this cache, Li’l Man chose a sleek black string.

 threading the EZ Stringer

Tag Team Effort with EZStringer

Li’l Man and I embarked on our stringing adventure as a team. In less than two minutes, from positioning to knotting, we were ready to roll.


Li'l Man threads his sweatshirt with EZstringer

Then, it was time to let Li’l Man take the reins. He deftly worked the EZStringer around the hood of his sweatshirt until it triumphantly poked through the other grommet. Lightning speed indeed!

With the string now in place, I tied it into a neat bow, and Li’l Man’s trusty old friend was as good as new.

The EZstringer on the other side!

The EZstringer on the other side!


I tied it in a bow for him.

The finished re-stringing


And then, Li’l Man decided it was time to put his old friend back on.

Li'l Man in his favorite hoodie

A Six-Year-Old’s Triumph with EZStringer

It was crystal clear – EZStringer is so straightforward that even a six-year-old can confidently tackle it solo! Li’l Man, bursting with pride, declared that his newfound mission was to mend all the missing strings in our household. Now, tell me, isn’t that a beautiful thing for any mom to hear?

Get Your Own EZStringer Today!

If this tale has sparked your interest, don’t hesitate to visit and secure your very own EZStringer today. They’re not just a handy tool; they’re also the perfect addition to any Easter basket, a gift that combines practicality with a touch of crafty fun.

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