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Estes Rockets Have Launching Power!

My kiddos are into how things work. They like the bigger picture, hands-on activities, and fun! Rockets are no exception.

Model rockets have been both entertaining and educating kids for decades, and that hasn’t changed even in a world addicted to apps. Today an estimated 9.6 million model rockets are launched every year by 2 million enthusiasts of all ages – roughly one-third of them girls – often igniting a lifelong interest in everything from science, math, engineering and technology to space travel.

When our Estes Rockets arrived for review, BOTH children were eager to try them out. They called dibs, MacKenzie called the Whirlwind.

estes whirlwind rocket in box

William laid claim on the Sonic Booom.

estes sonic booom

We headed into the backyard, but first, they wanted to grab our neighbor. He’s the smartest kid I’ve ever met–he’s seven and has long conversations with my husband about how many seconds are in many hours, planets and dwarf planets and the sound of Saturn’s rings.

Once we had our neighbor, we were ready.

estes rockets

The kids made predictions about which rocket would project higher.

We opened the box and set to construction.

Here’s what’s included (both rockets have basically the same materials).

estes whirlwind rocket what's included

They worked together to connect the “poles” and had a conversation about how it worked. My husband, thankfully, was present to discuss the technicality of pressure building.

I’d have gone with “Magic,” but that probably wasn’t the answer the kids wanted.

estes whirlwind rocket ready to launch

Then they had the launching pad ready to go.

It was time to launch!

Watch the video as we launch the Estes Whirlwind Air Rocket and Sonic Boom Rocket at the same time to see which air rocket shoots the highest!

It was impressive.

The Sonic Booom launched crazy high (up to 150-feet high)! So high that it was like a pin head in the sky!! The kiddos thought this was amazing!

The Whirlwind soared too. It has fins and propellers that keep it straight!

Both the Whirlwind and Sonic Booom took minimal effort to set up, and they launch over and over again.

They have a bounce recovery. This added to the fun. The kiddos love watching them fall out of the sky and “POP” before they spring back up!

Now that warm weather has arrived, you can nurture that interest – not to mention, keep kids productively occupied outdoors.

The Estes rockets we received have been launched so many times and still have so much life in them. They are a fun way to spend time outdoors, away from mobile devices.


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