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Esigns are Frightfully Fun is turning our Fall of celebrations into treasured keepsakes with their custom banners.  They truly amped up the celebration and projected a whimsical, elegant centerpiece for our favorite holiday.

Recently we were given the opportunity to review Esigns custom banners and Li’l Man and I spent the day in creative exploration! He loves the prospect of a banner for anything. hasa great and simple creation template. You select the style and size you want and then upload your picture. You can add text, which goes beyond your standard four generic fonts. You can manipulate the color of the text and background. We had SO much fun creating the banner. It was easy and didn’t leave me frustrated or feeling like I really needed to tweak up my tech skills (which are ZILCH).

Li’l Man decided he wanted to create a Halloween banner.  He loved the Halloween backgrounds. We thought we would add pictures of the kiddos in their costumes, but in the end, Li’l Man determined he liked the banner just like it was and we added “Happy Halloween”. He played with changing the fonts until he found the perfect one. He changed the color of the texts about a hundred times before going with the timeless and traditional orange.

We clicked “submit” and within a week UPS knocked on the door with Li’l Man’s banner. I had been told I was not to open it until he got home from school. I obliged. When he saw it he exclaimed, “It’s AWESOME! Let’s hang it up!”

Okay, I admit, we’re a little over the top when it comes to Halloween, however, mid-September is still a little early even for my blood. We put it up for ten minutes so he could admire it while he rode his bike. When I took it down he said, “I’m going to be thinking about this banner everyday until it gets to stay up.”

The banner is pretty spiffy.

See for yourself:

Happy Halloween Banner
We will be centering the banner under our window and adding our own jack-o-lanterns to the row of pumpkins on the banner. Li’l Man is so excited. “It’s going to be our tradition.” he says. I’m all about traditions.
I cannot imagine not loving this banner. It’s printed on durable, 13 oz. Gloss Vinyl for both outdoor and indoor use, with UV inks. CMYK inkset at 1000dpi. It is finished with Hemmed Edges on all 4 sides & Metal Nickel Grommets placed every 2-3 feet along the top & bottom hems. I love the extra grommets so it can be more secure and not flail in the wind.
The colors of this banner are true and vivid. It is spectacular as the jack-o-lanterns really look like they are glowing! The UV inks are a bonus, making this a banner we can use time and time again without fear of fading. is more than custom banners. They also offer yard signs, banner stands, magnetics and more.

A banner adds a touch to any occasion that makes it a keepsake. A personalized banner would be the perfect touch to a  Welcome Home, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Holidays, new arrival, Shower or even Valentine’s Day! Because it’s personalized, the possibilities are endless!*I received an banner in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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