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Want to Get Familiar with the Different Hemp Strains? Read This

With the passage of the hemp bill in the United States, many companies have sprung up and dedicated a lot of time and resources to the research and development of the hemp industry. With lots of research conducted, scientists have found out that hemp has a lot of components that make it up. Two of these components are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the component that is responsible for giving you the stoned feeling when you ingest the raw hemp. At the same time, CBD is a part that has lots of medical values like relaxing the muscles, helps with depression, and so many other health advantages.

Research carried out found out that these components can be separated from each other, leading to many of the companies focusing on CBD. The CBD market is a subsidiary of the hemp industry, and it has blossomed in recent years as lots of people have heard about its benefit to the body and mind.

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CBD Hemp strains

With the current demand for CBD products, several companies have deemed it fit to make sure that they come up with different strains of the Cannabidiol hemp to give different results in order to meet multiple needs of users. So many brands have created several strains, which in addition to the soothing feeling it gives, also gives certain health benefits that are separate from the rest. The different strains determine certain smoking conditions, like the period of time you take it or the percentage you need to take.

Ten of the different hemp strain available to choose from

Below, we have handpicked some of the highest quality hemp strains that are available for consumption. Since there are several strains, we have tried to pick the strains with the best review online from the different brands and what they are useful for.

The Wife

One of the popular strains available, the wife Strain, has a CBD content of 20% and offers a smooth smoking experience. It can be used both indoor and outdoor and can be used during both the day and night times depending on the feeling you are searching for. The wife gives the user an energy boost and acute focus during the day while also helping the user wind down after a long day of work. It is identifiable by its near gold hair and bright green dense bud.

Sour Space Candy

A cross strain of both the sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry Strains, Sour Space Candy averages 17% of CBD present in the strain. It is identifiable by its orange bud and a spectacular purple and orange exterior. Classed as a strain used mainly in the daytime, a review shows that the use of this strain helps boost mood while also relieves anxiety and depression.

Cherry Wine

The cherry wine strain is a sweet fruity strain with a rich and well-rounded terpene profile. It keeps you in a relaxed state but not a sleepy state while also relaxing your muscles and brain. It has an aroma like that of wine and cheese. Its CBD content stands at 17%, which is around the average CBD concentration.

Bubba Kush

This is an evening strain and ideal for use whenever you wish to slip into that chilling evening mood. This makes it a strain to be used mostly after work time, especially on a Friday. Bubba Kush is famous for its ability to send you straight to wonderland right after its use. It has a CBD content percentage of between 14.5 to 16.4%. Bubba Kush is identifiable by its orange hair, hefty bud with deep purple shading.


It is a strain with caramel-colored hairs with purple accents and a pale green tree-shaped bud. It has an average of 16% CBD component, but it could have as high as 21% CBD component embedded within it. It is a strain to be used during the daytime and gives the body peaceful energy that can get you through the day. The aroma and tastes might give you that lemony funk feeling; if you are a fan of such a feeling, then the lifter strain is the one for you.

Special Sauce

The special sauce strain combines the original Special Sauce and Early Resin Berry Strains, giving it an exterior purple color, orange hairs, and a dark green bud. It is a strain with a high CBD combined with terpenes to give it a potent effect on the body. It is categorized as a CBD you use during the nighttime. Reviews show that it helps relax the body and helps unwind the body, placing you in a relaxed state while waiting for sleep to take you on the night journey.


This CBD strain puts the user in a really relaxed state. This state helps provide the user with a mellow feeling while allowing easy conversation and interaction. Elektra is identifiable by its deep orange hair and its dense light green bud. It has a CBD content of 13%, which could be increased to about 19.6%


The Harle-Tsu is an award-winning hemp strain that has a CBD content of 13%, which might be higher depending on the hemp brand you are getting it from. Voted and named the best hemp strain in 2014, Harley-Tsu helps the user ease anxiety while also boosting the user’s mood and focus.

Hawaiian Haze

Ideal for newbies, light CBD smokers, and frequent smokers, the Hawaiian Haze is an energy-boosting strain. It is one of the low-leveled CBD content strains with just a little under 15.13% present in the strain. It is to be used during the daytime; when used, this strain can help start your day in a great way and can also be used to give you a great feeling when going to a party or any other social event. It is identifiable by its lavender hue, red hair, and a classic green bud.

Critical Mass

Unlike other strains that have less than 1% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the critical mass has a THC percentage of four to seven percent while combining it with a CBD percentage of eight to ten percent. This strain isn’t for the newbies or the light smoker but for those who want to feel a little buzz while still enjoying the therapeutic benefit of CBD. Critical mass is useful in easing anxiety and pain.

CBD oil hemp products


There are so many types of strains to choose from, and going by our write-up on how best to take advantage of hemp flowers, it is advisable to test some of the different strains before settling for one. Ensure you keep yourself updated with the latest research findings since the research into the hemp world is an ever continuous thing that brings about different new information.

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