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Crazy Cousins

Two Generations of Cousins
A LONG time ago, I was small.
Eight months after I became the FIRST Grand-child on both my maternal and paternal sides, I received a gift. A COUSIN!
She was my best friend growing up. We did everything together and, as you can see in the picture below, I took good care of her.
For stupid reasons in High School, our relationship developed a rift. By blood we were still cousins, but when it came down to being friends…forget it.
Years later, we reunited. Children of our own.
As we “caught up” on a friendship interupted, a new generation of cousins went off to play. They were quiet and we were deeply engaged in conversation.
How much time passed remains a mystery, but this is what our eyes beheld when “the new cousins” came out of hiding.
That’s my proud kiddo on the left and his cousins.
Isn’t my son proud! That’s him in the diaper. Those are his TWO cousins, whom he decorated with waterproof mascara!
They’ve all grown since this picture was taken. They are 16 and older. Thankfully, they aren’t “scarred” from this reunion!
I, on the other hand, am still laughing hysterically!
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