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Here’s How To Clean Your Home For Surprise Guests

You know those days when you return home from work and just want to sit down, get comfy, relax, have some coffee or wine and see what’s new on Netflix? Well, we all do, and you cherish those days because you can enjoy your little cave no matter how untidy it is because there’s no one else to be judgy about it but yourself.

What if that idyllic image is suddenly interrupted by a phone call from your friends or family informing you that they are in your vicinity and about to pay you a visit? Your untidy little cave needs to be cleaned up now and rather quickly. In their career as experienced maids, they have heard many of these stories, and they have all the right tips for you to quickly clean your home for surprise guests.

Photo Of Man Cleaning The Floor

Here’s How To Clean Your Home For Surprise Guests

Call to Arms

Ok, this means war.

You are the general, and your family is an army to whom you need to delegate tasks in order to cover as much space as possible efficiently.

Adults can do everything required, but if you have children, you should tell them to put all their toys where they belong and clean up their room.

Floor and countertop brigade

This is a big area to cover. Both floors and countertops are places where people like to hoard a lot of stuff for whatever reason.

You don’t have enough time to sort everything out now; you just need to gather stuff quickly, put them in a box or in a closet, and voila, suddenly, people can move through your house without any hindrance or a trap in the form of a lego brick.

Door patrol

The less you show the less they know. You don’t have to have your house open for prying eyes.

You can simply close off rooms you didn’t have time to clean up and focus on the area where your visitors will be seated.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and you wouldn’t stress additionally.

Focus on the areas your guests will see

Don’t even try if you don’t have enough time to clean up your entire home in 30 minutes.

Just focus on rooms where your guests will be spending time.

This includes the anteroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

You can quickly tidy up the anteroom by sorting out your shoes, jackets, and rugs.

You can even vacuum if you have enough time and are all set for the guests.

The bathroom will definitely be used, so you need to make sure you’ve wiped floors, and toilet seat sinks, picked up dirty laundry, stored it away, and put clean towels.

Vacuum the living room and pick up unnecessary stuff lying around.

Dust all visible areas like bookshelves, coffee tables, etc.

If you have a furry pet, make sure you’ve removed as much of their fur as possible, and last but not least, open the windows to get some fresh air inside.

Similar rules apply to your kitchen as well.

You need to wipe countertops, tables, the fridge, and other visible areas. Do the dishes unless there are too many of them, then you can store them in the washing machine.

How to avoid all this

You can avoid all this by ensuring your house is always clean, and no, you wouldn’t be concerned with that tiresome chore.

You can simply hire a house cleaning service and have your entire house cleaned on a regular schedule; this way, you no longer need to fear these sudden visits; on the contrary, you’d be happy for someone to come by and see how clean your home is.

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