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7 Reasons to Move Your Family to Thailand

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If you are growing tired of where you currently live and are looking to bring your family to adventure, rich culture, and a low cost of living, Thailand could be the perfect place to call your new home.

Here are seven enticing factors that will have you packing your bags and looking for a Hua Hin house for sale in Thailand.

Sunrise with Grand Palace of Bangkok, Thailand


1.Rich in Culture

The whole country seems to live with the philosophy of relaxation and peace.

With roots dug deep down into Buddhism, Thailand is full of a unique and interesting culture.

From visiting a few of the Buddhist temples to being a part of the many festivals and celebrations that Thailand has to offer, you will never get tired of the Thai way of life.

Introduce your family to this diverse and beautiful way of being.

2. Excellent Weather

If you are looking for a hot spot to live, look no further than Thailand.

Forget about Florida.

There are many places in Thailand where you can enjoy the warm weather nearly year-round.

If you are sick of snow and cold weather, your family will be ecstatic about a warm change in scenery.

3. Delicious Food

If there’s one thing to be said about Thailand, it’s that the food is mouthwateringly delicious.

The imitation of this food that you get at the local Thai take-out restaurant could never be as good as the original.

The spicy, exotic delicacies, fresh seafood, curries, and more are probably reason enough for most people to abandon their current home and move to Thailand instead.

4. Festivals, Festivals, Festivals

There is no kidding when you say that Thailand has a rich culture with its festivals alone.

It is like nothing else to be a part of one of these celebrations, and with so many to choose from, you won’t want to miss a thing.

From the Songkran (the Thai New Year) to the Phi ta Khon (literally a ghost festival), your kids will never complain about being bored again.

5. Thai Time

If you like a flexible schedule, Thailand may be the perfect place for you.

Because of their culture of relaxation and the saying ‘Sabai Sabai,’ which means relaxation, these people do not take punctuality very seriously.

Instead, Thais see family, working, and eating as more important than any schedule.

While some may find this frustrating, those with hatred for clocks and meetings will thrive in this relaxed environment.

Also, the importance of spending time with family in this country will allow you to be with your kids more than ever before. 

6. It Is Safe 

For most parents, a big part of deciding where to live comes down to the safety of the neighborhood.

In Thailand, and especially a beach resort town like Hua Hin, you will never have to worry about your family being in danger.

For moms, this is a huge relief.

In terms of security, it is very safe compared to many other places, like New York City, Paris, or cities in Brazil.

At the same time, it maintains the urban feel that your family will love.

7. Low Cost of Living

Having a family is expensive, but since your kids need things like food and shelter, saving on rent and groceries could rescue your savings account.

The cost of living in Thailand is incredibly cheap compared to other places.

Depending on where you decide to make your new home, you could be paying significantly less for you and your family on an annual basis.

So, if you are looking for a new and fresh place for you and your family to call home, you may find everything that you are looking for in one of the many cities in Thailand.

From the nightlife of Pattaya to the long stretches of beach in Hua Hin, Thailand is one of the best places to relocate to.

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