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Christmas in July with Storkie

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love pulling out the boxes marked “Christmas”, dusting them off and pulling out the memories. There are handmade decorations each of my children has made, gifts made with love from family and friends and tucked away, in a large envelope are Christmas Cards received through the years.

Some of the Christmas cards are treasured for their beauty and each year we select a few to make package tags from by taping to a wrapped box. Others we use to create small gift boxes to share with others–they’re perfect for fudge and homemade treats. Then, too, there are those that we simply just enjoy looking at and remembering the beautiful people that sent them.

We turn the photo Christmas cards of family and friends into ornaments. We embellish the photo cards with ribbons and glitter and tie with pretty ribbons. They add character to our Christmas tree and remind us of family too far to share the holiday with personally.

Even in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, adding the front part of an old Christmas card to a regular brown shopping bag (the ones with handles are an added bonus) adds a festive touch to a gift. It’s recycling at it’s best!

Another great option is to donate the old Christmas cards.  St. Jude’s Ranch has a program that stared with Christmas cards, but has since expanded to include all forms of greeting cards. The children at St. Jude’s Ranch make new recycled cards by removing the front and attaching a new, recycled-paper back. They then sell the cards and help learn and share the benefits of recycling. You can learn more by visiting St. Jude’s Ranch Recycle Program.

I have one Christmas card I treasure. It is from my paternal grandmother. The edges are worn and the card has creases. Written with love on the back is a message to me. It was the last Christmas card I received it in 1986 from her. It was the Christmas before I moved from Utah to Miami. I have fond memories of Christmas and the card I have reminds me of that precious time. is a great resource for Christmas Cards whether you prefer the Classic, Modern, Photo or Magnet cards. It’s never too early to start addressing your cards and adding that personal flair that will spread holiday cheer.

*This post is sponsored by Storkie and Global Influence. The opinions, were expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsors. Other experiences may vary.

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