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Party City Rocks the Luau Scene

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Party City. All opinions are 100% mine.

My kiddos are party animals. They love to entertain and share good times, so when Party City highlighted Summer Party Ideas their imaginations started to soar.

This is the story about their Day In Paradise Luau Party. The kit arrived and the kiddos were determined to make it theirs. I was in charge of invitations and food and they were in charge of decorating.

They were still decorating when our guests arrived and decorating became part of the party. Even with everyone involved, the box seemed never-ending. Allow me to share it’s contents–it’s impressive!

Day In Paradise Ultimate Party Kit includes:


  • 16 Day in Paradise Plates
  • 16 Day in Paradise Lunch Napkins
  • 16 Day in Paradise Paper Cups
  • 2 Day in Paradise Plastic Table Covers (54″x102″)
  • 16 Plastic Orange Forks
  • 16 Plastic Orange Spoons
  • 16 Plastic Orange Knives
  • 20 Tropical Heat Invitations
  • 1 Luau Lantern Garland 12′
  • Palm Confetti 1 1/5 oz.
  • 1 Palm Tree Foil Spray Centerpieces (18″ tall)
  • 1 white curling ribbon (66′)
  • 1 Apple Green Crepe Streamer 81′
  • 1 Pink Crepe Streamer 81′
  • 2 Pink Square Bowls 128oz
  • 1 Palm Tree Bouquet 3 ct.
  • 1 Summer Colorful Personalized Banner (20″x65″)
  • 1 Summer Giant Outdoor Decorating Kit

The Divine Miss M was in charge and she was given the task of supervising her dad in the decoration department. They started at the food table:

A Day in Paradise Luau Party Ultimate Kit

A Day in Paradise Luau Party

The Divine Miss M is an excellent Supervisor. When it came time to hang the Summer Colorful Personalized Banner, she asked, “What do you think we should put on it?” Her dad said, “Let’s just hang it plain.” So much for “personalized”. The Divine Miss M replied, “Why? Don’t you know how to spell?” Then she used the wording on the package and the letter stickers (included) to write: Happy Luau. That’s my girl!

The table covers are lengthy enough to cover a banquet sized table. We actually covered two tables with one. The top is plain white and the sides are a festive luau print. I was super impressed with the quality, I threw it in the washing machine after the party and it survived!

By far one of the most favored decorations is the 12′ Luau Lantern Garland. The colors are bright and the colored paper lanterns are 3D and complimented well by the flowers that look like a Hawaiian Lei. Everyone commented on it’s beauty! You can see it against the house below:

Day in Paradise Luau Party

Day in Paradies Luau Party

Of course, what’s a Luau without a beach? We live in Utah–it’s a desert here. Not to fear, with great skill, The Divine Miss and her dad transformed the sandbox into a beach scene and to complete the festivities, they decorated the play house on stilts with a fringe banner. It waved in the wind and added a festive Luau feel to the party’s beach front!

Day in Paradise Luau Party

Colorful Fringe waves in the wind from the playhouse

Shading our patio are three giant arborvitaes. The Divine Miss M’s decorating crew, hung a semi-circle banner from the branches. It stretched around all three trees with ease. Above each of the banner drapes, they added silk flower leis (not included in the kit, but available through Party City).

Day in Paradise Luau Party

Draping Garland

Then it was time to get the party under-way and we wanted to make certain that no one we invited couldn’t find our Luau. This The Party’s Here banner was the perfect accessory to make it known we meant party business!

Day in Paradise Luau Party

The Party’s Here Banner

The Day in Paradise Luau plates are square and really added a unique flair for our guests. We invited our guests to fill their plates with chicken haystacks, shish-kabobs, potato salad, fresh fruit salad, lemon cake, grilled veggies and more!

Day in Paradise Luau Party

Day in Paradies Luau Party Plates

The two pink squares were big enough to hold mounds of potato salad and heaps of fresh fruit salad. They added a festive touch to the food line up!

Day in Paradise Luau Party

These pink party bowls were perfect for salads!

The 18″ foil palm trees added flair and festivity to the table. These were by far Li’l Man’s favorite decoration!

Day in Paradise Luau Party

Foil Palm Trees

This Day in Paradise Luau Ultimate Party Kit was an amazing part of our Luau. It highlighted our theme and provided color and spirit to our event.

We shared with my 92 year old grandfather who was up from Phoenix.

Grandpa and the boys

My older boys with their Great-Grandpa

My aunt, also from Phoenix joined us:

The Divine Miss M and aunt pat

The Divine Miss M and Her Great Aunt Pat

There were others, but the guest with the most Luau spirit was Wonder Dog, Maxwell!

Wonder Dog, Max

Wonder Dog, Max!

We even played games.

The day of 9-11, back in 2001, my family was in Hawaii. We visited the Polynesian Cultural Center there and watched in amazement as the Samoans showed us their dexterity in climbing palm trees to get coconuts.

Hawaiian Polynesian Cultural Center

Chasing Coconuts at the Hawaiian Polynesian Cultural Center

Utah doesn’t offer palm trees, but we improvised and used the swingset!

climbing the swing set

Climbing the Metal Coconut Tree!

Party City’s Day in Paradise Luau Ultimate Party Kit truly transformed our 24th of July celebration into a Day in Paradise. Great people, good food and amazing decorations. Look to Party City for your next event and be amazed at the selection!

*I received the Day in Paradise Ultimate Party Kit in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.


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