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Chore Chart: Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs

Attention, dear friends, for an announcement so grand! Snow White is here, with a gift in her hand!  Are you ready to make chores a magical delight? Presenting the Free Printable Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Chore Chart, shining so bright! 

Picture a chart, adorned with the charm of our tale featuring Snow White and her loyal friends, the seven dwarfs, without fail!  This delightful printable is absolutely free, ready to bring joy and organization to your family!

Just a click away, you’ll find this charming chart to print. Grab a page for each family member, and the magic will begin to ignite! Write their names at the top, making them feel special and loved as if blessed by a fairy’s touch from above! 

With Snow White and the dwarfs by your side, chores will be a breeze, no need to hide! Fill in the weekly tasks, each one a step closer to a tidy abode, and set goals and rewards for each, like glittering treasure on a hidden road! 

As you complete each chore, color in a dwarf, one by one. Watch their happy faces grow brighter, like rays of the golden sun!  A visual delight, as your progress comes alive, showing the fruits of your hard work, making you beam with pride!

 When the week comes to an end, gather your family around. Count the colorful dwarfs, their presence so profound! Celebrate your accomplishments, dear ones, with smiles and cheer. Embrace the rewards you’ve earned, spreading joy far and near!

 With the Free Printable Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Chore Chart, you’ll transform chores into a whimsical affair, with magic and harmony filling the air!  Teaching responsibility and teamwork along the way, in a world where imagination holds sway!

So, my friends, don’t wait a moment more! Visit our enchanted kingdom online and unlock the chore chart’s door! Print it for free, bring it to life with colors so bright, and let Snow White and the dwarfs guide you through your chores with delight!

The first Disney Princess, Snow White, shares her secret to getting the seven dwarfs to do their chores–a chore chart. Trust me, it goes well beyond “whistle while you work”.

This adorable Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Chore Chart is sure to have your kiddos pitching in around the home.

chore chart

Maybe the fairest in the land knows a thing or two about tidying up. She is sensitive and soft-spoken, but we’ve witnessed her being stern–she told the Dwarfs to wash their hands and she did scold the birds for “frightening the poor old lady”. She is motherly and delights in keeping house while she waits to meet her beloved prince.

How to Use the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Chore Chart:

Print this page for each family member and write in their names at the top of the page. Fill in the weekly chores, point goal and reward for achieving that goal. Write one point for each chore completed, then at the end of the week, add the total points and accept the reward!

Transform chores into a magical adventure with the Free Printable Snow White Chore Chart! Bring enchantment to daily tasks and inspire responsibility.

snow white chore chart


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