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Cascades Boutique Christmas Tree

Decking the Halls in the New Green

Cascade Christmas Tree is giving a new spin on the traditional Christmas Tree.  When we received ours to review there was a flurry of excitement. After all, it was an opportunity to bring out the Creation Station! 

Made from recycled cardboard, the tree comes pre-cut in large sheets. My children took it and disappeared into their room, demanding more glue, glitter, markers and more. I was banned from the room, catching merely a glance of the blank canvas of recycled cardboard.

They were so inspired by the Classico Tree that HOURS passed before I saw my children again. I heard them singing Christmas Songs and occasionally it was quiet enough for me to hear the scissors cutting construction paper. Anticipation was building.

At one point my husband entered the room and abruptly turned and left declaring it a “WAR ZONE” where glitter, glue, paper and craft supplies were the shrapnel of the Creative Grenade. 

Then, the children came gleefully out shouting, ‘We’re done!”

Here is the fruition of creative minds:

My children think this is the most awesome tree that ever existed for Christmas. It was a collective gathering of their creativity, imagination and I think it was the longest span without them bickering I can remember. They are each so proud of each piece they decorated and anyone who comes to visit stares in awe at this tree’s gaudy beauty!

Cascade outdid itself with this tree. It inspires. It is eco-friendly. It is the center of joy at our home right now, proudly on display in their room. This tree was easy enough for my eight and six-year-old to assemble alone, with supervision by my five-year-old Li’l Man!

There’s also a Moderno Tree and its smaller version, Piccolo. Both come pre-printed in green or white.

Cascade Trees are:

  • Made of strong cardboard
  • Easy to assemble, without glue or tools
  • Easy to disassemble and reuse 
  • Easy to store in very little space
  • Classic design
  • 100% recycled and recyclable
  • FSC® certified
  • Available in two colors: white and green 
  • Packaging: 40.5″ x 19.4″ x 1.25″

Cascade Trees are at the top of my list of favorite things. Ours is one of our favorite Christmas Crafts and my children had incredible fun bringing this tree to life. I love that it is made from recycled cardboard and is durable enough to disassemble and bring out each year–what a keepsake!

Take a look at the beauty of Cascade Trees in Maison Corbeil, the prestigious furniture retailer in Quebec, Canada.


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