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Here Are 5 Fun Games Your Kids Can Play in a Bouncy Castle

You want to organize a birthday party for your kid and their friends, but you are not really sure how to make it both fun and safe for them, and also give the parents some spare time to mingle and relax while the kids are busy having fun?

Bounce San Diego heard you and offered the right answer to your question – a Bouncy Castle.

Despite the fact that it’s a perfect place for kids to spend the extra energy jumping around in a safe environment, it is also great for organizing all sorts of fun activities.

Here is a list of some of the most interesting games your kids can play in a Bouncy Castle.

A fun bouncy castle ready for fun.


Dance and freeze

This is a pretty simple and fun concept to keep kids active and occupied and the competitive element adds to an overall better experience for both the kids as participants and the parents as spectators.

Rules are pretty straightforward, some of the parents play music to which all the kids have to dance, and as soon as the music stops after 30 seconds or a minute, kids need to ‘’freeze’’ at the exact moment and if they fail they lose the game.

Egg and spoon

This a familiar game that all the kids love to play out in the field.

Rules are pretty simple, kids need to race from point A to point B holding a spoon with an egg in it, and if they drop it, they lose, the winner is the kid who first crosses the finish line without dropping the egg.

This same game can be translated over to a jumper combo rental with the exact same rules, except it would be even more fun because you can bounce off of floor and walls without needing to worry about injury.

Capture the flag

Another pretty simple concept where you need to divide the kids into two teams with each team having a base and a flag and the goal of the game is to go to the enemy’s base, take their flag and bring it back to your own base, the team with the most captures is the winner.

This game is great for developing kids’ teamwork skills as they would have to find a way to work together in order to be efficient.

Somersault assault

Or a Bouncy Castle version of tumble race.

Just imagine how fun this game is on a soft surface, it’s basically any kid’s dream come true.

Rules are also pretty simple.

Draw a starting line at one end, the kids would need to race to the other side, touch the wall and then roll back to the starting line, but the catch is that they need to somersault the entire race.

I sure do feel dizzy just by thinking about it, but kids love it.


Now this game requires a ball. It’s another team game where the last man standing wins.

One team tries to hit any member of the opposing team with a ball and if they do, that kid loses the game.

It’s a pretty dynamic game that includes a lot of running, jumping, dodging, precision and teamwork, a Bouncy Castle would allow for an even crazier set of moves due to its extremely low chance of injury.


Good old volleyball but with the ability to jump even higher.

Just imagine how fun it would be to play volleyball in a Bouncy Castle and perform some wacky moves.

The kids would surely love it.



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