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Bossy Baby Photography 101 Workshop Starts Monday

Capture a Keepsake

bossy babyLet’s face it, we all think our kiddos are cute and as parent’s we’re taking photos left and right trying to capture the keeper that proves, without doubt, that ours is the cutest kiddo on the planet. I hear in parent groups the stories and the sighs that they need a better camera. Not so…
Lisa, Arnel, acclaimed children’s photographer, is inviting anyone to participate in her photography workshop–Bossy Baby Photography 101. This online photography course and mentoring program taught by Lisa Arnel, a professional photographer of 14 years and specializing in creating candid, documentary-style portraits of children and families, will give you the basics to capturing those pictures you go to the studio to have taken.
Lisa developed a one-on-one online workshop designed to educate and enlighten anyone with the desire and passion to learn photography. Her goal is to teach individuals how to use their camera along with the fundamentals of great photography through six weeks of online classes.
The Bossy Baby Photography 101 workshop is being offered at a discounted rate of $179 (was $199) and the next class starts Monday, June 13th.
After signing up, the student will receive a welcome letter and questionnaire from Lisa, along with detailed instructions regarding the course. Lessons are emailed each Monday, but the workshop is self-paced so students may complete assignments and submit homework at their convenience.
Just take a look at everything the workshop will help you develop.
Course topics include:
*Lighting ~ using natural light and flash to achieve fantastic results
*Exposure ~ how to “get it right” every time so your images are not too dark or not too bright
*ISO/Shutter Speed/F-stops ~ an understandable, detailed explanation of these terms and why they are so important
*Depth of Field ~ how to get that “blurred” look behind your subject or how to make sure everything in the photo is in focus
*Action Shots ~ proper settings for photographing sporting events or moving subjects
*Focus ~ fine-tuning your focus for better results and less blurry images
*Composition ~ easy techniques for more dynamic images
*Backgrounds ~ using backdrops indoors and outdoors for a professional “studio” look
*Posing ~ creative posing for individuals and groups, setting up great “candid” shots
*Pro Secrets ~ tips and tricks to help you take better photos of children and pets
*Camera Modes ~ when it’s best to shoot in “Manual Mode”  and how to use all of the modes on your camera
This would be a great course for anyone, even Dad. Learn more by visiting Bossy Baby Photography, stay tuned because Zac is being put to the test with this course.
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