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Do You Have a Bored Dog? Here’s What You Can Do to Entertain Them

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Do you have a dog at home? Do you sometimes see them doing nothing for most of the time?

Though some dogs love to sleep, you need to learn how to differentiate such tendencies from boredom. Boredom in dogs translates to negative effects on their overall well-being.

A bored dog will likely bark a lot. They also tend to commit mischiefs left and right. In worse cases, they develop destructive behavior.

So how do you properly deal with your dog’s boredom? Continue reading below to find out how.

Do You Have a Bored Dog? Here's What You Can Do to Entertain Them

Do You Have a Bored Dog? Here’s What You Can Do to Entertain Them

Dealing with a Bored Dog the Right Way 

Apart from determining your dog’s boredom, you also need to put in some work to counter the source of your pet’s lethargy. Here are 10 tips that will help excite and entertain your dog.

1. Exercise is a Must

Does your dog stay indoors all day? Then your pet badly needs to go outdoors and get some exercise. Bored dogs have so much energy that is waiting to come out. All they need is an avenue to release that pent-up energy.

The goal is to walk your dog for at least 45 minutes a day. Do this in the morning if possible. If you do not have the luxury of time, start small.

Ten to 15 minutes of walking is a good start. Slowly build it up as the weeks go by. You can also take your pet to the dog park. There, you can run around obstacles in the presence of other dogs.

Tire your pet out. Keep in mind that a tired dog is a good dog, so they say.

2. Set Up Dynamic Mealtimes

Like other activities, you can also turn your dog’s mealtimes into a fun activity. There are toys you can use to integrate their meals.

Get a paw tricky treat ball from Amazon and stuff it with some treats. As he chases it, the ball will dispense the treats.

You can also try the Kong Classic dog toy. You can put some of his wet food inside the toy and have him chew it.

If you don’t want to buy those toys, just hide his treats in different parts of the house. Instruct him to find those treats.

3. Buy Them New Toys

Even if your dog owns some toys, sooner or later they will grow tired of them. The solution is to get your dog new ones.

Store the old ones and replace them with something new. Make sure to rotate the toys once every two weeks.

The key is to break up the monotony.

4. Play Tug-of-War

Do you spend most of your time at home? Why not play tug-of-war with your pet. This is an excellent game that will physically and mentally challenge your pet.

You can use some of his toys for the game. You can also use one of your old t-shirts or fleece. If you have kids, you can add the tug-of-war into their list of indoor activities, especially during winter.

5. Tweak Your Walking Routine

If you take your dog for daily walks, be sure to tweak your walking routine. Taking the same route every single day will bore your pet.

What you can do is to explore a different neighborhood. Moreover, you should also consider changing your pace.

The more they see new things, the faster they will overcome dog boredom. Make sure to invest in a good leash, especially if your pet does not have good leash manners.

6. Teach Them Chores

Did you know that you can teach your dog some household chores? When doing your laundry, you can teach your pet to transfer the clothes into the laundry basket.

After playtime with their toys, you can train them to clean up. Teach them how to return their toys inside the storage box.

Teaching them simple chores also helps increase their confidence. If you have a confident dog, you can expect them to be happy as well.

7. Play Dates Matter

If you only have one dog at home, you need to set up play dates with other dogs. Contact some of your relatives or friends who also have dogs. Arrange one weekend where you will all meet up with your respective pets.

You can hold the event in your nearest dog park. Don’t forget to bring some of your pet’s toys with you.

Be cautious as some dogs are hostile to other dogs upon the first encounter. But once they get the hang of it, they eventually become calm.

8. Take them to New Places

Your dog, especially if still a puppy, need to develop socialization skills. You can help do so by taking your pet to new places.

Expose them to new sights and sounds. Introduce them to new people they have never seen before.

If you are having trouble taking your pet because of their size, you can hire transportation service providers for dogs. Read more about it here.

9. Make Some Ice Cubes

Dogs that have furry coating tend to struggle with heat especially during summer. To perk them up, make a giant ice cube.

Get an old ice cream container and fill it up with water. Drop two to three pieces of your dog’s favorite treats. Freeze the container until the block gets really hard.

Dogs love licking ice blocks. These are simple yet effective interactive toys.

10. Turn on the TV

Lastly, turning the TV or radio on can excite your pet. The different sounds and voices they hear stimulate their listening.

The sounds also make them think.

If you see that your pet is a bit uptight, play some classical music. This will help relax your dog and calm them in no time.

Improve Your Dog’s Well-Being 

Dealing with a bored dog is quite simple. But you need to bring a lot of patience as you try out these tips.

As far as looking after the overall well-being of your pet, you need to read up on other important aspects of pet care.

Check out our other blog posts on pet care like safely removing ticks and fleas from your dog and avoiding the wrong kinds of foods, among others.

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