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BIG Changes with Small Items: How Bedside Tables Can Transform a Bedroom

Changing and rearranging is something that every bedroom needs from time to time. Shifting up and changing the look and layout of your bedroom is as important as the bed that you choose to rest in every night. That is why having the right look and feel for your bedroom is so important.

You want to wake up every morning and be captivated by what surrounds you and what it has to offer you. After all, starting your day off in the right way is the best way for you to have the best day. So, no matter what you choose in terms of style, color, spatial occupation, and what is appealing to your eye, there is a bedside table that is just right for your tastes.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of the elements of style that are aimed at your ideal bedroom look while also getting into some of the best ideas for that noticeable difference that you have been looking for in your life. So let’s get started.

Modern Interior White Bedroom with Purple Bedside Tables.

How Bedside Tables Can Transform a Bedroom

  • Space is Important

Planning and organizing the space that you have available is critically important for creating a harmonious space that serves you as you need it to. Taking the height and width considerations of your bedside table into account when planning and preparing your bedroom is a make-or-break consideration.

You are also going to have to take the height of your bed into your planning and decision-making. As a rule of thumb, your bedside table should even out with the height of your bed. Having a bedside table that is higher than your bed is going to create a look of disproportion and is going to clash with the convenience of having a bedside table that you are trying to create. 

  • Storage and Efficiency

Bedside tables come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, and all of these factors should be considered in your final decision. At HD365 bedsides come in all styles and have all these options available to you and more to help you make the most of any bedroom redesign or reshuffle. 

Extra shelves, additional storage, or even a drawer in your bedside table is going to help you keep your bedroom clear from clutter and give the added convenience of additional storage space without having to sacrifice look, feel, or design aesthetics. 

Stylish Interior of Modern Bedroom with Bedside Table

  • Materials

Texture, color, look, and feel are essential components of any bedside table, highlighting features that are designed to fit your theme and turn heads while doing it. Wood, metal, rattan, or even a dollop of colored plastic trim can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

You can even style two different materials together to create a textured look, as long as you do not stray too far away from the material at large. 

  • Bedside Table Decorations

Lamps, picture frames, and flower arrangements are all ways that complement and enhance the additional features in your bedroom. The big question is: Which decor is the most effective for your bedside table and for the room?

While picture frames do add a touch of personalization, a lamp may prove to be more functional and practical in its application. The choice is yours, really. You should take into consideration what exactly you are placing there and why. Do you read in bed, or do you prefer to read on the sofa in the corner of your bay window?

Truly a multipurpose item in your bedroom, the bedside table is one of those furniture features that are truly versatile and dynamic in both its look and its functionality. It helps to make a room look ‘finished’ while at the same time providing a certain symmetry to the look you are creating. These are some more of the practical aspects to look into when deciding on your next set of bedside companions.

Modern Bedroom Interior with Bedside Table

  • A Small Chest of Drawers

A small chest of drawers as a bedside table works well in larger rooms that have space to spare. They provide a generous width on top and loads of additional storage space for your essential bedroom items. The height needs to be taken into consideration here, as you want it to be comfortable. 

Whether sitting up or leaning back, the height of the chest of drawers should be a tad lower than your bed frame. This is going to make it easy to reach your goodies on top.

  • Slimline Drawer Unit

Well suited for small bedroom, a slimline drawer unit on either side of the bed provides extra storage and a sleek, appealing aesthetic feature in your room. A larger draw at the bottom can help for keeping your socks neat and in one place, while the smaller draws are ideal for books, journals, and other odds and ends that you pull from your pockets at the end of the day. 

  • How About a Statement Bedside Table?

This is ideal for any guest room and makes for a great standout feature that is sure to impress your guests. If you are not too worried about standing out, try something that is a statement piece. With no considerable matching qualities to the rest of the room, a statement bedside table is perfect for that extra ‘pop.’ That is why it is there, isn’t it?

Just to be clear, your statement does not have to be overwhelming. Adding something that is just different enough, without stealing all the attention, is the goal here. For example, a wood and metal combination is a great organic modern combination that pulls its weight just about wherever you place it.

lamp on bedside table


No matter what direction you choose to take when you redecorate your home space, these ideas and decorating tips are going to help you make the best decision for your space. Looking at the bigger picture of your design is useful to determine exactly what is going to suit and fit the room best. Be bold, take a chance, and really stretch your creative muscles when you decide to make the changes that you want. 


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