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The Big Bang Theory Costume Party

Halloween is approaching and the cast of The Big Bang Theory’s “The Middle of Earth Paradigm” from Season 1 celebrated early, airing on September 26. In this episode, the gang attends a costume party in Penny’s apartment. The costumes are hilarious, reflecting each character’s personality.

The Big BangTheory Costume Party

The Big BangTheory Costume Party

As if last week’s episode where Leonard and Sheldon weren’t enough, at the Halloween party, Leonard confronts Penny’s ex-boyfriend, Kurt. Leonard states that Kurt is far less “evolved” than he is, which leads to another moment of embarrassment when Kurt lifts Leonard off the ground.

The four scientists gather at Leonard and Sheldon’s before the party. One by one they each arrive as FLASH. It’s a hilarious moment as they each arrive and the conversation adds to the comedy.

Sheldon: See, this is why I wanted to have a costume meeting.

Leonard: We all have other costumes, we can change.

Raj: Or, we could walk right behind each other all night and look like one person going really fast.

Howard: No, no, no, it’s a boy-girl party, this Flash runs solo.

Leonard: Okay, how about this, nobody gets to be The Flash, we all change, agreed?

All: Agreed.

Leonard: I call Frodo!

The four all change into different costumes. Leonard is dressed, of course, now as Frodo. Sheldon is the Doppler Effect and Howard appears to be Peter Pan and Raj arrives as Thor, leading to some great banter between Raj and Howard.

Raj: Hey. Sorry, I’m late, but my hammer got stuck in the door on the bus.

Leonard: You went with Thor?

Raj: What? Just because I’m Indian I can’t be a Norse God? No, no, no, Raj has to be an Indian God. That’s racism. I mean, look at Wolowitz, he’s not English, but he’s dressed like Peter Pan. Sheldon(entering in a bodysuit featuring black and white vertical lines) is neither sound nor light, but he’s obviously the Doppler Effect.

Howard: I’m not Peter Pan, I’m Robin Hood.

Raj: Really, because I saw Peter Pan, and you’re dressed exactly like Cathy Rigby. She was a little bigger than you, but it’s basically the same look, man.

I laughed so hard at this episode. Just the thought of Raj, who can’t speak when women are present, being dressed as Thor, the god of Thunder makes me giggle.

Then there’s Howard who, like Peter Pan, refuses to grow up, still living with his mom, who cooks and cleans for him, proclaiming himself to be Robin Hood.

Leonard being Frodo gives pause for thought. Is it because he’s short? Is it because he seems to always be the leader?

Penny is dressed at as a cat. It sorta fits her playful and seemingly promiscuous self. Don’t you think?

If I were a judge in a costume contest for these five I would have to go with Howard. I just love that everyone mistakes him for an elf and he spends the party declaring, “I’m Robin Hood”.


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