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Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards Review

Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards

Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards is a creative and educational playset that has delighted children and educators for generations. This innovative tool, primarily designed for early childhood learning, fosters imaginative play and interactive teaching experiences. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards.

History of Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards

In the 1960s, Betty Lukens, a dedicated educator, developed the concept of felt board playsets to enhance learning. Her vision was to provide a hands-on, tactile experience for children, which could be both fun and educational. Over the years, her felt board sets gained immense popularity in classrooms and homes worldwide, setting the stage for imaginative learning.

What’s in the Box?

  • Felt Board: A high-quality felt board serves as the canvas for endless adventures.
  • Felt Pieces: A diverse collection of felt characters, objects, and shapes.
  • Lesson Guide: An instructional guide for teachers and parents, brimming with creative ideas.

How to Use Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards

  1. Set Up: Unroll the felt board on a table or wall. Ensure it’s at a comfortable height for children.
  2. Select Felt Pieces: Choose felt pieces that fit your educational objectives or imaginative playtime.
  3. Create Stories: Arrange the felt pieces on the board to craft stories, teach lessons, or simply have fun.
  4. Interact: Encourage children to move and manipulate the felt pieces, fostering creativity and fine motor skills.

Versions and Variations

Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards comes in various themes and sets, catering to different learning objectives and interests. Some popular variations include Bible Story Sets, Alphabet and Number Sets, and Farmyard Adventures.

Expert Tips

  • Keep felt pieces organized in labeled containers for easy access.
  • Encourage open-ended play, allowing children to invent their own stories and scenarios.
  • Use the lesson guide as a starting point, but don’t shy away from customizing activities to suit your child’s needs.


Store your Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards in a cool, dry place. Avoid folding or creasing the felt board to prevent permanent wrinkles. The felt pieces should be kept in their original packaging or a labeled storage container to prevent loss.


Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards Review

Life happens. It seems to propel itself abruptly. It’s in these moments of chaos I wonder what happened to that mommy who seemed to have it all together. She’s been M.I.A. for a while. Take not long ago when I introduced The Divine Miss M and Li’l Man to felt boards. It seemed to be a given they would know what it was. Instead, they looked at me bewildered.

Jake and Zac knew what felt boards were. I was the mom back then who was the caregiver exclusively of them. We spent a lot of time creating felt boards and learning shapes. You can learn how on Buggy and Buddy. I was even a member of a Mommy Group where we made monthly felt board lessons. Those were indeed good times.

Now I care for Grandma. Occasionally, I am needed by my dad. My family is larger, and my kiddos are branching out everywhere. Jake is moving further south; Zac moving to Miami. Ay yi yi.

The kiddos eager to learn about felt boards

The kiddos eager to learn about felt boards

So one evening, Li’l Man, The Divine Miss M and I all sat down and became acquainted with felt boards. It’s a timeless toy. I remember them from my childhood. However I think Betty Lukens has trumped the technology and made them smokin’ in appeal and quality.

Li'l Man impressed all the pieces came off and can go back on!

Li’l Man impressed all the pieces came off and can go back on!

We were surprised when the sets arrived. The kiddos looked through the plastic at the vibrant colors, still not knowing what to expect. I sat on the board in front of them and began moving the pieces off. The Divine Miss M cried out, “You’re ruining my picture!”

Playing with the felt board

Playing with the felt board

After I explained that they could create stories using the pieces and changing the board up I set them free. Both children became lost in their world, creating stories. Li’l Man was even narrating. They loved how they could remove and replace each piece, having it come back several times for their made-up story.

First story complete. Eager to do it again!

First story complete. Eager to do it again!

More than an hour passed and I had to spoil the fun and insist it was bedtime. Li’l Man said, “I’m trying to figure out which animals would be on which team if they were to fight. Can I take my board to my room for quiet time tonight?” I obliged, after all, one needs to know the outcome in the animal world!

These felt boards have taken the place of many of their other toys. I love that they use their imaginations, have no batteries, and are quiet.

The boards come with a plastic carrying case, making it easy to tuck away or take with us on the go. The board pieces come with the statement that they are machine washable. Thankfully, we’ve not had to test this part of it, but it’s there in case you need to at some point.

Visit Betty Lukens Fun Felt Boards today and find one from their incredible selection that will bring your child enjoyment and learning inspired by bright, vibrant colors!

FAQs for Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards

  1. Is this only for teachers? Not at all! Parents and caregivers can also enjoy this tool for educational play at home.
  2. Are the felt pieces durable? Yes, they are made from high-quality felt material that withstands repeated use.
  3. What age is it suitable for? Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards is ideal for children aged 3 and up.
  4. Can I create my own felt pieces? Absolutely! Crafting your custom pieces can add a personal touch to the experience.

Alternate Names

  • Betty Lukens Felt Board
  • Betty Lukens Bible Felt Sets

Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Boards is a timeless educational tool that sparks creativity and fosters learning uniquely and engagingly. Whether in a classroom or at home, this versatile felt board playset has left an indelible mark on the world of early childhood education and play.

About Betty Lukens

For over 30 years Betty Lukens, Inc. has been manufacturing quality felt visuals.
Best known for our Through the Bible Felt Sets, which continue to be shipped and used all around the world, is a valuable teaching resource. With over 600 figures and objects, this is the most complete Bible felt set available. Our focus is on providing an interactive teaching tool that helps parents, grandparents, teachers, and missionaries bring the Bible to life. Bright and colorful Bible stories in felt are eye-catching and appealing to captivate an audience. The Bible story manual, with over 180 stories, is a wonderful guide and teaching resource. The Bible in Felt manual covers both the Old and New Testament, allowing for a strong foundation in Biblical teachings and principles.
Our Learning Fun with Felt line includes over 30 sets to inspire children’s creativity. With the moveable pieces and personal-sized playboards, they can engage in imaginative play by arranging and rearranging the pre-cut felt pieces repeatedly. Each time, they create new and exciting stories as they experience the fun and magic of felt and leaves a lasting impression. “

*I received Betty Lukens Fun Felt Boards in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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