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Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain: Buyer’s Guide

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The Arthritis foundation puts it that over 54 million Americans are living with arthritis or some other form of chronic pain. The arthritis foundation also notes that this number could be higher since there is a large number of people who are living with the condition but are not diagnosed yet. Opioid-based medications are the most widely used treatment for arthritis regardless of their side effects. There has, therefore, been an undying need for an effective side effect free medication for arthritis, and only recently researchers found CBD to have high potential to treat and alleviate arthritis pain. There are different strains of CBD in the market but CBD creams are the best for targeted pain relief and as such this article will discuss the top five best CBD cream for arthritis pain, the key benefits of using CBD cream for arthritis, and also highlight the expected health risks.

Skin cream infused with cannabis extract CBD oil for all natural skin care treatments for topical health conditions and joint pain. Holistic and alternative medicine concept, overhead flat lay with cannabis leaf.

What are CBD Creams and how good are they against Arthritis?

CBD creams are nothing more than normal body creams infused with CBD and often other natural ingredients.

The human body can easily absorb CBD through the skin.

For this reason, CBD creams offer quick relief for pain and inflammation when applied to targeted skin areas. 

Many people often mistake CBD creams and CBD salve.

While the two are applied to the skin, CBD salve contains less amount of water and is stronger than CBD cream.

Notably, CBD salves are more expensive than creams and are availed for sale in smaller quantities.

Even though not FDA approved, CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities make it an effective medication for arthritis, and many people have posted success stories online.

Medical Researches behind CBD Cream for Arthritis

Some researchers have conducted studies and concluded that CBD has a high potential in treating joint pain and inflammation.

Notably, these are the most significant symptoms of arthritis.

One particular study involved lab animals with arthritis where researchers concluded that treating them with CBD cream decreased their pain levels and inflammation and increased their mobility and activity.

Another research conducted in 2014 showed that CBD has the potential to treat osteoarthritis-related pain.

Further, still, 2017 research showed that CBD does not only prevent pain but it also halts nerve damage in lab animals suffering osteoarthritis.

Research on this topic is, however, underway and more discoveries will likely be made in the future.

Even though CBD may not join the ranks of prescription medicine, an increasing number of medical practitioners are likely to uphold it and recommend CBD arthritis cream to patients.

5 Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain

With a large number of CBD creams in the market, it can be overwhelming trying to find a suitable CBD cream for pain.

For this reason, this article aims to ease your search and get you to your destined wellness and pain-free experience faster and stealthily.

A careful selection and vetting process led to this acclaimed list of best CBD cream for arthritis pain. Read on to get an overview of the products.


With 600 mg of premium grade full-spectrum CBD and a subtle orange smell, Fab CBD is arguably the best CBD cream for pain.

It is made from Colorado-grown hemp and made into a smooth topical cream that you can apply easily on your skin.

In addition to having a long shelf life, Fab CBD products do not contain any unnecessary additives or coloring material.

They are made from whole-plant hemp extracts and therefore contain an assortment of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that enable CBD to penetrate your skin.

As such it acts fast on joint and muscle pain.

Product Highlights

• Has fresh appealing subtle blood orange smell

• Enriched with other natural ingredients like chamomile which has benefits for the skin

• Third-party lab tested by ProVerde labs

• Contains 600 mg CBD

• Contains less than 0.3% THC


PureKana’s Topical CBD ointment will give you a sensationally hydrating experience. 

The topical is made from Kentucky’s high-quality hemp and then infused with icy menthol for a maximum cooling effect.

The topicals are essentially made from the same plants as PureKana’s high-quality CBD oil and as such, they will guarantee you 30 days of satisfaction.

Product Highlights

• Contains less than 0.02% THC

• Has a menthol aroma

• Contains 600 mg CBD

• Smooth texture with no oily feeling

• Fast-acting

• Contains ingredients that support a healthy rejuvenated skin

• Third-party lab tested for CBD contents as well as contaminants and heavy metal residuals

Hemp Bombs

This pain rub is a perfect solution for joint and muscle pain.

It contains a potent amount of CBD and a cooling menthol formula to ensure you get long-lasting healing.

Besides, Hemp bombs use top quality ingredients and high standard manufacturing practices to deliver unmatched quality.

Hemp Bombs are very open about their products and provide all the necessary information on package labels.

This includes the concentration of CBD to the milligram and a list of all ingredients used.

Also, the bombs are third –party lab tested and ascertained to contain no contaminants or pharmaceutical compounds.

Product Highlights

• High availability

• All-natural ingredients

• Good for muscle and joint pains

• Provides a cooling sensation and long-lasting results

• Made from superior grade industrial hemp

Charlotte’s Web

This is a fancy choice for anybody looking for additional options other than plain CBD cream for pain. 

Charlotte’s web has made sure to include additional natural ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, and arnica among other ingredients useful for skin revitalization and growth.

Besides, Charlotte has catered for every single user by availing both scented and unscented versions.

The scented version is infused with menthol and cinnamon to ensure lasting relief while alleviating hemp scent.

Product Highlights

• Available as either scented unscented

• Suitable for people with irritable skin

• Non-GMO and gluten-free

• BPA-free packaging container

• Enhanced with vitamins for skin growth

Sensei CBD

Sensei CBD cream is made from isolate CBD oil and enriched with Emu oil for better skin health.

The oil is THC free and will only be doing you good.

Also, it is a natural anti-inflammatory that will act fast on your inflammation giving you lasting pain relief.

The cream is third-party tested and confirmed to have no toxic pharmaceuticals or contaminants.

Product Highlights

• Good for fast pain relief

• Contains 500 mg of CBD

• Made from fully organic hemp

• THC-free

Other Key benefits of CBD Cream

CBD cream inherits all the benefits of CBD oil

That is to say, other than being an excellent natural pain reliever it has additional benefits that are strongly tied to the mother compound.

Since CBD creams are applied to the skin, companies have found it necessary to have skincare ingredients in CBD cream.

Thus you will find chamomile, aloe, cocoa butter, and coconut oil listed as ingredients in many of the CBD creams in the market.

In general, CBD is an excellent pain reliever.

cbd cream on top of hemp leaf with pink background

Possible side effects associated with CBD cream

Most people worry that CBD will make them high.

On the contrary, the legal CBD of any form does not the capability of making users high.

WHO considers CBD a natural substance that is safe for general use and worthy of medical research.

Even though many people do not experience any side effects, a small number, especially people with allergies, has reported experiencing mild symptoms including:

• Headache

• Drowsiness

• Low blood pressure

• Lightheadedness

• Nausea and vomiting


Arthritis is one of the many illnesses and wellness conditions that can benefit from the healing power of CBD.

Although CBD has not been approved by the FDA for arthritis treatment, its anti-inflammatory qualities make it one of the most suitable alternatives to pharmaceutical medications.

The best part about CBD is that it is non-psychoactive and non-addictive like opioid-based medications.

All things considered; Fab CBD ranks among the very best CBD arthritis cream.

On a different note, PureKana stands out due to the low THC content and the fact that it is enriched with ingredients that improve general skin health besides alleviating arthritis pain.

The third item on the list was the Hemp Bombs pain rub which is highly available to users of all walks of life.

Hemp Bombs are considered by many to be true CBD bombs due to their high quality and efficiency.

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