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Basic Life Skills Your Kids Won’t Learn in School 

Millennials lack most of the basic outdoor survival skills that are possessed by the older generations, according to a poll on Fox News, conducted by the London Boat Show. This includes making a fire, tying a knot, and swimming in open water, among many others. Schools are great for teaching your kids many of the fundamental things they’ll need to be genuinely successful in life, but there are many important things that your kids won’t learn in school. Parents, however, are in the perfect position to teach their children the skills they need to be happy and independent adults.

Schools teach your kids things they'll need to be successful in life, but there are many basic life skills your kids won't won't learn in school.

Basic Life Skills Your Kids Won’t Learn in School 

How to cook

The first thing that comes to most young people’s minds when they are hungry is which restaurant delivers food the fastest. Most kids cannot prepare a decent meal. They have become accustomed to immediate gratification in the form of food takeaway and delivery, ready-to-eat foods, and quick-serve restaurants. This ends up being unhealthy and also increases the cost of living. As a parent, you need to teach your kids how to cook different kinds of meals and ensure that their meals are healthy, delicious, and packed with all the vital nutrients (WHO) needed. Be the kind of parent that prefers home-cooked meals to buy processed food. Whenever you are cooking, make sure your kids are there with you in the kitchen, watching and helping out with various tasks.

How to sew 

When you think of sewing, the picture that comes to mind is something that old ladies like to do (NCBI). Not many kids even know how a sewing machine works or even what it looks like. When their clothes are torn, they either get rid of them or dump them in the darkest corners of the closet. If you teach your kids how to sew, they’ll be able to fix their clothes, saving them a lot of money say the experts at Teach You to Sew. They’ll also be able to make their own clothes which is a rare skill these days. If you already know how to sew, you can buy your child a sewing machine and teach him/her how to use it by doing fun projects together. If not, you can join a sewing class together and strengthen your bond as you learn.

How to take good care of a vehicle 

Most Millennials who own vehicles only know how to drive them. Gone are the days when vehicle owners spent endless afternoons tooling around with their carburetors and tie rods. Today, when vehicles develop problems, most people usually call a guy to fix it, even when it is a minor issue. Many don’t even know how to do basic things like checking the tire pressure or fluids. Don’t let your kids grow up to be clueless and irresponsible vehicle owners. Teach them how a vehicle works and the basics of how to take care of one (BuzzFeed). Pop the hood open every once in a while and explain to the kids what the different parts look like, how they work, and how to fix them when they are damaged. When driving your kids around, teach them by example how to be responsible driver so that they grow up knowing the dos and don’ts on the road.

As a parent, you are responsible for preparing your children for adult life. While there are many important skills taught in schools, many others are not and it is your job as a parent to fill the gap left by the education system.

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