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Amazing Ways to Feel and Look Great After Pregnancy

There’s a lot of pressure on new mums to snap or bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. What many people don’t understand, though, is that women’s bodies go through so much throughout pregnancy, during birth, and those all-important few months postpartum that simply “bouncing back” after pregnancy might not be best for them and your precious little one.

Every woman and every pregnancy journey is different, and there are multiple factors at play that can determine every aspect of postpartum. Therefore, women shouldn’t feel pressured to hit the standards set by celebrities with nannies, personal trainers, chefs, or the media. In this post, we’ll explore some amazing ways you can feel and look great again after pregnancy, whether you’re looking to bounce back as quickly as possible or hoping to take a steadier approach. Read on to find out more.

Why Some Women Choose Cosmetic Surgery

Did you know that some women choose to undergo cosmetic surgery after having a baby once it’s safe to do so? This isn’t always done for vanity reasons; some women may be left unhappy with the shape and sizes of their breasts post-pregnancy which might lead them to consider breast augmentation, or after months of hard work and exercise, consider liposuction to help remove those stubborn fatty areas – discover the Cadogan Clinic for more information on liposuction. However, it’s important to know that not every woman should feel compelled to have cosmetic surgery post-pregnancy. What works for some women might not be right for you!

Be Realistic About Your Losing Your Baby Weight

It’s all too easy to look at celebrities in awe as they magically shed all their baby weight within months of giving birth. This kind of comparison means being unkind to yourself and putting unnecessary pressure on your body, so be realistic. Remember, you’ll naturally lose some baby weight once you give birth and in the weeks ahead. Once you’re given the all-clear to exercise, you can enjoy some gentle movement and routines that will help shift the rest – if you feel this is necessary.

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Remember To Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

Just because you’ve given birth doesn’t mean you should throw away your vitamins, these little helpers can help restore the nutrients you may have lost during birth and pregnancy and any nutrients lost while breastfeeding. Scientific American shares that supporting your body during postpartum is imperative, so keeping yourself topped up with prenatal vitamins means brighter eyes, more energy, and even better skin and hair.

Remember Your Pelvic Floor Exercises

In the weeks or months after giving birth, your pelvic floor muscles will have weakened due to pushing or an assisted delivery. This can lead to bladder leakage, which means whether you’re laughing, coughing, sneezing, or rushing to the bathroom, you can expect a little leak now and then. It can take a few months to see an improvement in your pelvic floor strength, but to help the process along, remember to perform your pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, to help restore your bladder control.

Final Thoughts…

Every woman and every pregnancy is unique, so embrace the amazing work your body has achieved over the last 9-10 months and be kind to yourself!  

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