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Amazing Facts About Samurai Swords For Sale You Should Know

Commonly known as samurai swords, these Japanese swords are fabulously bladed weapons. With samurai, you have a traditional sword that oozes class and sophistication. Plus, it epitomizes a rich culture. But before investing in these swords for sale, it’s advisable to understand everything about them. From how they are made and where they can be bought to their features, understanding the basic facts about samurai swords is all you need to make an informed decision. On those lines, here are quick facts you should know regarding Samurai swords.

Japanese samurai sword and sheath against a dark background

How they Evolved

The first samurai sword featured straight blades. The blades were typically imported from renowned countries like China and Korea. The curved blades were only developed when the samurais started fighting on horseback. Having curved edges completely transformed the swords. It made them well-suited for slashing, as well as stabbing. Nonetheless, the straight-bladed katana swords continued to be widely utilized by the ninja community.

An Extension of the Soul of The Samurai

There was a time when the Japanese samurai swords could only use the katana swords. And anyone else who was caught carrying them was immediately sentenced to death. The swords were considered to be sacred and could only be utilized in times of need.

The samurai warriors would name their swords since they believed they were extensions of their souls.

A Spiritual Undertaking

In ancient times, wordsmiths enjoyed a greater level of respect and recognition. Some emperors took among themselves to learn the art of blade forging. However, making katana swords was more than just creating fine pieces of steel. It was more of a religious ceremony.                

The Value of the Katana Go Beyond The Blade

Whereas the blade is one of the most important parts of the samurai sword, other parts are crucial. For most collectors, the tsuba is the most significant part. Mounts and scabbards are all designed by different craftsmen. They’ve combined to give the katana sword its value.

The Sword Polisher Is Very Important

A katana sword can never be complete without proper polishing. All the features that appraisers look for, including the steel’s temper line or grain, can only be noticed after a master polisher works on them. 

The polisher utilizes various stones to bring out the brilliant shine, transforming the katana sword into a fine work of art. But sword polishing isn’t as simple as you may think. It’s a complex process that requires a high degree of skill. Improper polishing could severely damage a potentially priceless sword. That’s why the polisher is extremely important in katana swords.

The Bottom-Line

Regarded as the epitome of Japanese culture, Samaria swords come with sophistication and class. Flawlessly designed to mimic classical Japanese swords, the samurai swords have so much to offer. So, if you are planning to invest in one, go ahead. The above are key things you should know about these Japanese swords.

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