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Add a Little Heart to Valentine’s Day with Rolli Stamps

I received Rolli Stamps in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Esther Howland is America’s Valentine and proves that handmade Valentine’s are the best. Howland was given an elaborate English Valentine by one of her father’s business associates. She was inspired by its beauty and asked her father to order her lace, paper and craft supplies from England and New York City.

Supplies arrived, and Howland crafted a dozen samples. Her brother added them to his inventory for an upcoming business trip. The hope was that the cards would fetch $200 in orders. Astonishment struck when her brother returned with advance sales totaling $5,000. Howland realized this was far more cards than she could make for herself and she set out recruiting friends and creating one of the first assembly lines—even before Henry Ford! Her business was born!

If Esther Howland were alive today, I’m certain she’d be getting crafty with the ‘I Heart You‘ Rolli Stamp by Funnybone Toys. Created for craft, hobby, and scrapbooking fans, this dynamic little roller can create up to 100 feet of continuous fun and creative patterns on almost any surface!

Rolli Stamps I heart stamp with note

Rolli Stamps are great for do-it-yourself arts and crafts, children’s projects, and at-home fun. The stamps also come in handy for creating fun and unique stationery designs or adding some decoration to the memories you capture in a scrapbook. This is the ultimate stationery must-have, incorporating a one-of-a-kind design into every holiday letter, note, wrapping paper, and more – they can even be used to decorate clothing items!
 Rolli Stamps I Heart You Stamp
Rolli™ is a patented system with no messy ink pad which comes packaged in its own box at a price of $9.99 each. Allowing you to create personalized stationery and stray away from pre-packaged boring patterns and designs sold in stores, Rolli™ is a great addition to any household, office, or arts and crafts studio.
With patterns ranging from shoes, French bulldogs, hearts, and lace, to unique house designs, to tumbling hedgehogs and playful pugs, anyone is bound to find the perfect Rolli™ stamp for their upcoming project or personal use.
We absolutely love Rolli Stamps. They are so much fun to be creative with and spark the imagination.
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