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9 Personalized Funeral Ideas

In recent years, the reality of death has loomed over us. It is closer than we expect in light of the pandemic. With casualties rising at a massive scale, end-of-life planning became a norm. Personalized funerals have become the standard rather than a mere preference.

Death is an inevitable phenomenon; therefore planning for it may not be the most peculiar. Nevertheless, it is comforting that we tick off preparation aspects from the list as early as now, shelf some ideas, and share them with a loved one. So here are nine personalized funeral ideas to ponder.

Be creative with sympathy flowers

Flowers frequently become the central theme of any funeral. It is a staple in most services. A great way to customize the ceremony is by selecting the deceased’s favorite color. Flowers can quickly speak of the dead by picking out flowers in bloom from their birth month. Then, dress up the funeral home and turn it into a beautiful venue.

Bespoke candles

An aroma can trigger the memory. You will never forget a smell. Therefore, if distinct scents captivate a recall for a lost loved one, recreate them through a candle. Set up a lighting ceremony of coffee, apple pie, lavender, or cinnamon-scented candles to induce recollection and healing. 

Memorial corner

Set up a station to honor the deceased by displaying photos with balloons and wreaths for visual appeal. In this way, guests will be drawn to it and could turn into an interactive memorial corner. In addition, there will be guest engagement in the form of writing a fond memory through stone or capsule.

In addition, families are creating memorial hashtags (#grannyisobel) where people can share memories, videos, and photos on social media. It is a way to memorialize the entire funeral service.

funeral with casket up close

An open mic session

In contrast to a standard eulogy, host an open mic session during the funeral service or the gathering. Allow families and friends to share words, memories, poems, or even a song about the loved one. Additionally, invite a local talent or a family member to sing and play if the deceased was fond of music. As a result, grief and healing can be entertaining.

Say your goodbyes creatively

Gather families and friends and release balloons or lighted paper lanterns into an open space. The symbolic act can be a creative send-off for a loved one.

Serve their favorite food and refreshments.

Pay attention to detail by veering away from the traditional coffee and water. Instead, serve the deceased’s favorite snacks and drinks.

Modern guestbooks

Look back on the service’s attendance differently by having guests write a fond memory instead of their usual name and details.


Transform the funeral flowers into keepsakes like beaded necklaces, keychains, and accessories. They can serve as remembrances for family and close friends. There are tutorials available online, or you can hire someone to do this for you.

Create a remarkable tribute video

Curate a tribute video filled with looped photos of the deceased. It can be a moving backdrop of the service. In addition, short videos stitched together can also capture a life well-lived.

Traditional funerals have taken the back seat as families realize the importance of a meaningful service that centers around the premise of a life well-lived. Collaborate with your funeral directors in Leeds to turn your personalized ideas into reality.


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