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6 Ways to be a Role Model to Your Child

Parents are the first role models children have while growing up. Our kids tend to adapt to certain qualities and quirks we never really thought were special before that are now unique and adorable because they are doing it. However, as they grow older, they are slowly becoming independent. They make decisions on their own, they know exactly what they like and don’t like, and they start working on finding their unique identity.
That is such an important stage in their lives, a phase in which, if we interfere, we might impede their growth. But there is something else we can do to support this growth: give them pieces of advice rooted in experience. You always hear people talk about it, like speakers who have a diploma of counseling from BCA National, people who do TED talks, or mothers who have done it with their kids before.
Here we can provide you with the best things you can tell your kids as they start to navigate their way in the world.

Do not be afraid to fail.

Most of the useful things you’ll learn will come from doing what you’re hesitant to try out. Mistakes can always be rectified, but nothing can replace the feeling of lost fulfillment if you are afraid to commit mistakes. But more importantly, learn to be okay with mistakes. Think about it, but never let it consume. Your mistakes will never define you as a person, and it will always be your perseverance that will.

Sometimes happiness cannot be found in material things.

This has been a common adage, and people find it adorably ridiculous. Why would you not be happy with material things if these are things that you have been wanting? But the thing is, it is fleeting happiness temporarily fulfilled by material things. Real, long-lasting happiness comes from attitudes that give a person a sense of purpose a defined role in society. It could be generosity, the ability to create something for people, and so on. 

Learn how to manage your expenses

It is very tempting to spend your monthly salary on many things you were not able to get or do when you were still a child. But do not forget that, in the long term, savings will help ensure that you will never have problems paying debts in the future. Saving money means you will have an account you can tap into in case of emergencies. Just think of it as working out in the gym; now and then, you are allowed a cheat day but do not forget that you are limiting certain sweets to reap healthy rewards in the future. 

Live a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking of being healthy, it is very important that you keep a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, it is so easy to stay at home and sit in front of the TV or computer for hours on end. Create a lifestyle where being active is part of your daily routine. By doing this, you will definitely face little to no health problems when you get older. 

Being selfless is rewarding.

It might be harder to give away than to receive, especially when everything is just enough to pay whatever it is we need to pay to maintain the lifestyle we have. But when we find ourselves with spare time, money, or materials, it is always good to help other people who do not have our luxuries. 

Never stop learning

Learning does not stop in school. You can always find it in other places and in other people. Listen to new people, and you will meet and appreciate different cultures.
Most importantly, take the time to meditate and appreciate life. Do not stress about what will not matter in the long run. 
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