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5 Safety and Self Defense Tips That Every Woman Should Know

Self-defense is an important skill for any woman. While the likelihood of being attacked is usually slim, it is always good to be prepared for the unexpected. We, as women, are stronger than we think and can pose a good threat to any potential attacker. You have the potential and ability to protect and defend yourself with some handy self-defense tips.

Self Defense tips for women


The most simple and effective self-defense tip is always to be aware of your surroundings!

Too often, we are caught up in text messages or phone conversations while walking from the grocery store or work.

While having your phone on hand can be convenient to make an emergency call, it is important to be alert and always keep your head up.

Check your periphery, rotating your eyes all around so that you know who is present or so that you are aware if you seem to be alone.

Another good idea is to check the back seat when entering your car as a precaution.

Also, women often sit in the car after getting in.

Try to avoid doing this, or at least lock your doors immediately!

Awareness is an ideal preventative measure that will help you avoid potentially dangerous situations or people and allow you to plan an escape route or strategy before anything happens.

Always have a “weapon” on hand.

This doesn’t mean you have to carry a handgun or baseball bat.

You should, however, have something on hand that can do some damage.

Weapons may include but are not limited to an umbrella, your car keys, or even a pen.

These should be easily accessible in case of an emergency.

To use these items as weapons, remember to use a hard object to hit your attacker’s bone.

If you have a sharp object with a point, aim for soft tissue areas on their skin that will be wounded more easily.

Please, if you choose to have a gun consider a gun safe.

You can learn more through gun safe reviews.

Have pepper spray on hand.

Pepper spray can come in convenient and compact containers.

You can purchase these in stores that sell self-defense products.

Some even come on keychains, so you can always have them while out and about.

When using pepper spray, be sure that the nozzle is pointing toward your attacker.

Aim directly for their eyes. Pepper spray irritates the eyes, causing them to get up with tears, develop pain around the area, and experience short-term blindness.

This gives you time to think and get away before your attacker can harm you.

If you need to fight back, be aggressive!

Don’t give in because you think an attacker will be easier on you if you cooperate.

Those who fight back have better survival rates and get away from their attackers faster and with fewer injuries.

Always use hard body parts such as your knees, elbows, fists, and legs when fighting back.

Put your full weight and your hips behind every blow you give your attacker.

Adrenaline will kick in, so don’t worry about hurting yourself–your attacker may hurt you worse if you don’t give it all you’ve got!

Grunting or yelling as you fight can help improve the impact damage.

Aim for sensitive areas on your attacker, such as the eyes, stomach, groin, or skull.


In the heat of the moment, it is sometimes hard to take in the situation.

However, breathing and trying to keep yourself composed as much as possible is necessary.

You can still yell and fight like crazy, but be aware of your surroundings and what parts of your body are free from your attacker.

You can take this brief time to notice other weapons available to you.

Try to scan the area for an escape route.

While you take time to breathe, lower your center of gravity and analyze the situation.

Hopefully, you will never have to use any of these self-defense tips or products, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Being aware, having a weapon or spray on hand, fighting back effectively, and staying calm will help you to protect yourself and keep a dangerous situation from escalating.

Remember that you have the power and strength to fight back and keep yourself safe.

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