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5 Party Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Children love everything about parties: playing, spending time with other children, and jumping around these 5 party games for toddlers and preschoolers! Children love everything about parties: playing, spending time with other children, and jumping around. Can you blame them? Children sure know how to have a good time. Whether it’s for birthday parties, holidays, or just any random parties, as a parent, you may feel like planning for your kids’ parties is a heavy responsibility. That is why you can never go wrong when hiring the best kid’s party entertainers. These classics include having classic kids’ party food, classic themes for the parties, classic entertainment, and, most importantly, classic party games. These games have been tried out and enjoyed by kids worldwide. Such games have different names in different parts of the world, but they are still the same great games. Here are five games that will do the trick at your child’s party.

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5 Party Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Musical Chairs

You probably know how this game goes. If you don’t, you can check out  or keep reading.

Here is how to play:

First, you set up chairs and arrange them in a circle.

You should set up the chairs less by one chair.

After setting them up, you play the music they’ll be playing.

All the kids walk around the chairs until the music stops, then everyone runs and grabs a chair.

The last child, who will be left standing after the music stops and everyone is seated, is out of the game.

You remove another chair, and then the game restarts again.

This game will continue until only one child is left with a chair.

This game will be fun at your children’s party; they will want to keep playing it at every party.

You can simplify this game by replacing the chairs with musical bobs or statues for toddlers.

Children playing party games with chairs, smiling and having fun at a party.

The Eggs and Spoon Race

This is one of the most epic games you can have at your kid’s party.

It is both exciting and challenging.

And a good challenge is great every once in a while.

How to Play:

Line up the kids in a line, and give each of them an egg balanced on a tablespoon.

When you say “go,” the players race to the finish line.

It is best to use hard-boiled eggs for the kids or avoid the mess and opt for an egg and spoon kit.

When any of them drops the eggs as they run to the finish line, they should stop and pick up the egg, putting it back on the spoon.

Another thing is to make them run back to the starting point so they can restart their race: make sure you make all kids feel included.

Family enjoying an outdoor egg race, participating in 5 party games for toddlers and preschoolers.

The Sack Race

Another very fun game is the sack race. If you want your toddlers and pre-schoolers to play this game, you must first get a good sack for them to run in.

You could get a burlap sack or, much better, a large pillowcase, even this sack race kit that includes medals.

The material should not agitate your kids’ skin. Kids’ skin is quite delicate.

They can play individually, or you could put them in teams.

How to Play:

To play this game, your children must stand inside the sacks.

When saying “go,” the kids should run towards the finishing line with their feet inside the sacks.

The winner will be the first person or team to reach and cross the finish line.

There will be a few falls, but the game will be so much fun!

Children enjoying sack races in the yard, part of 5 fun party games for toddlers and preschoolers.

The Treasure Hunt

The beauty of treasure hunts is that they can be as complex or as simple as you want to make them.

And treasure hunts are loved by kids all over the world.

You can make the game simple but fun for toddlers and preschoolers!

You could hide wrapped sweets, lollipops, or even small toys around the area where the party is being held.

The kids can keep the treasures when they hunt and find the prizes.

If you want it to be a little more complex, you could place tokens all around and have different levels of the hunt.

The child who finds the most tokens wins the grand prize.

You can have small gemstones, printed tokens, or even painted rocks as your tokens.

MollyBees has some adorable Treasure Hunt cards to make this even easier!

Home Schools Share has some great free printables for Treasure Hunts.

Kids having fun with a treasure hunt, part of 5 engaging party games for toddlers and preschoolers.

The Wheelbarrow Race

How to Play

These wheelbarrow races are played in pairs.

One of the children in the pair should play the wheelbarrow part.

They have their hands on the ground, and the other child in the pair is the driver.

The second child will hold the first child’s leg, and on “go,” the game will start.

The wheelbarrow will ‘walk’ on their hands towards the finish line as the driver follows behind, steering the wheelbarrow.

The first team to cross the finish line is the winner.

Final Thoughts

Party games are essential for children.

They are the heart of the party for the kids.

A party without games won’t make your children as joyful as they should be.

Choose them wisely!

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