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5 Jewish Charms to Remove Negative Energy

Like every religion, Judaism also has specific definitions and beliefs about evil and negative energy.

Tenakh says that suffering is part of human life.

Jews have free will to choose between evil and sound, and they try everything to overcome suffering.

Jewish Charms to Remove Negative Vibes

However, negative energy is the energy believed to be created from the sins of humans, and Jewish households may use different charms and objects to keep their homes safe and free of evil spirits.

In old times, it was even believed that spirits always created chaos in new houses.


Amulets are paper, parchment, or metal discs inscribed with biblical principles.

Jews believe that hanging amulets on the doors symbolize God’s presence and don’t let negative energy, sickness, and evil enter a house.

The inscription originated from the belief of holiness and the power of words.

Amulets can be of any shape, e.g., hamsa, coins, star of David, or any other.

However, according to and traditional Judaism, tefillin and mezuzah cannot be considered as amulets.

Amulets are often worn as pendants and rings and used as decor for a room.

But it is believed to bring positive energy to a house and the person wearing it.


Mezuzah is a long rectangular doorpost that contains a parchment in a decorative case and Hebrew verses from Torah.

Mezuzah is attached to each door of the home as a mitzvah or commandment.

The klaf parchment is often written by experts with knowledge and skills and is checked for precision.

A mezuzah is affixed on the right side of the door to bring blessings and remember God’s commandments as they would often touch them.

Mezuzah hanging by front door of Jewish Home


Shabbat Candles

Shabbat candles are lit on Friday evenings before sunset to commemorate the Shabbat or rest day of the week.

It is considered mandatory in rabbinical law.

Generally, women light the two candles, move their hands from the candle’s direction, close their eyes, recite a prayer for a better future, domestic peace, and drive away negative energy from the lives of their loved ones.

There is a debate on the claim that the blessing that is recited is derived from the blessing over Chanukah Menorah and is also very similar to the siddur of Rav Amram.

shabbat candles on table with challah bread and wind cup



Hamsa is an amulet in the shape of the right hand, often inscribed with an eye symbol and biblical quotes.

Hamsa is the symbol of the hand of protection.

It is supposed to protect a house from the eye of the evil that brings ill fate.

Tzedakah Box

Tzedakah box or pushke in Yiddish are wooden or metal sage-shaped boxes kept in Jewish households for charity.

The pushke has been popular in the post-biblical era as Jews strongly believe in charity and helping each other.

Tzedakah means “justice,” The box symbolizes societal and economic justice.

It is kept to collect money for donations.

What other than helping out people in need would be a better charm to drive negativity from within you?

Tzedakah box with coins around it



Jews are strong believers in festivity, positivity, and doing good deeds.

They have occasions all around the year.

You can get the topmost Amulet in the doors of the Jews.

So, how about you give your Jewish friends or family members any of these charms as a gift on their next special occasion?

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