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5 Advantages of Taking Online Guitar Lessons

Not everyone has the luxury of enjoying guitar lessons in person. Thankfully, with the technology available today, folks can take online guitar lessons without sacrificing quality. For the most part, all you need is a reliable internet connection, a relatively noise-free practice area, and a computer with a webcam/passable microphone. If you demand some convincing, here are five reasons you should consider taking online guitar lessons.

1. Have a Curriculum Planned Specifically Suited to Your Desires

The guitar allows players to produce some of the most varied songs in music. You have the opportunity to channel some of your favorite styles including the following types:

  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Heavy Metal
  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Punk
  • Classical
  • Rock

Whether you want to fiddle around with the electric or acoustic guitar, the freedoms are almost endless. You can strike power chords, zip through solos, and fine-tune memorable licks.

A guitarist playing guitar at a live concert

2. Get Immediate Feedback

Many folks these days are either fumbling through free tutorials on YouTube or are paying for pre-recorded lessons on demand. While these options may be adequate in the short term, your skills will certainly suffer down the road. You require someone who can immediately show you what you are doing wrong or right in regards to your technical prowess.

At Forbes Music Company, you will collaborate with award-winning instructors who can maximize your potential as a musician. They can watch you perform and critique your movements as you play in front of them. This guidance is well worth the money. 

Specialists can also recommend the instruments that would best suit you and your goals. This could include the guitars themselves, the strings, capos, amps, picks, pedals and more. Not only will you gain the capability, but you will also have the proper equipment to back it up.

3. You Will Have to Remain Motivated

How many times have you picked up a guitar swearing this is finally the moment you are going to prioritize the craft just to give up a couple of days later? By working with an expert, you will be held accountable anytime you don’t stick to your schedule. There are even group sessions that can help you build camaraderie with other budding musicians.

4. They Are More Convenient

These online courses offer many benefits that you can’t gain from traditional face-to-face meetings. One of the main assets is that you can select time slots that fit your schedule. This often eliminates the obligation to hire babysitters. Do you like fighting traffic? Most people don’t, so this is certainly a bonus. Additionally, you will save on gas money and avoid parking nightmares.

5. You Will Grow as a Person

Everyone wants to feel like they are good at something. Although many individuals wish to play as a hobby just for personal fulfillment, others are in it to join bands or play solo shows at local venues.  The power of music has shown many health benefits including increased capacity for creativity, reduced stress/anxiety, more confidence, and a deeper sense of happiness in regards to life.

If you decide to indulge, there are certain financial packages and discounts available to limit the number of excuses you can make for yourself. Music is often considered to be a universal language, so don’t be afraid to join the community.


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