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4 Helpful Tips for Traveling in Europe on a Budget with Your Family

Travel helps you to make new memories, especially when you travel with your family and to a destination you’ve never been to before, like a new continent. The best part is that you’ll be learning about other cultures, visiting new locations, and connecting with locals. However, there are a few preparation steps that must be completed before the family trip can begin. 

The best traveling experiences come from careful planning and including the entire family. In fact, according to Talker, 67% of parents in the United States said that their children are heavily involved in the planning of vacation activities. Joining forces allows you to plan and experience the greatest family holiday of all time. So, if you are planning a trip to Europe, ask each family member to share the destination they would like to visit, and once you decide on a specific location, start planning your budget. 

So, if you’re planning to travel to Europe on a budget, continue reading to learn a few strategies.

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Find cheap flights

As soon as you decide that your next destination will be a European country, start thinking about purchasing plane tickets. If you are wondering how to find cheap flights, the answer is to stay alert and subscribe to a flight newsletter service that will help you locate the cheapest tickets and make even your craziest vacation fantasies come true.

In addition, it can provide amazing budget-friendly vacation alternatives while also helping you save money that you can put towards other helpful items, such as a new camera to capture wonderful photographs of all of you together. When you start searching, be flexible because the cheapest choice may include flying to one place and then getting to your final destination by another means of transportation. To locate the greatest airline discounts, keep your vacation dates as open as possible. 

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Consider visiting the cheapest countries in Europe

When many Americans plan visits to Europe, they tend to visit Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. For instance, the UK was the most visited country by US citizens, with more than 3 million visitors in 2023 according to Travel Off Path. You should not avoid these locations, but if you want a good deal, travel off the usual road. For instance, you can take your family to the Dordogne region of France, and you will spend substantially less than you would in Paris and Provence.

Other low-cost European locations include Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Spain, Czechia, Hungary, and Istanbul. Choosing one of these areas over a more popular country will save you money on meals, hotels, and transportation.

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Stay in a hostel

Hotels are typically the usual option for people traveling to Europe. However, avoid choosing hotels because they are sometimes the most costly alternative in town. More and more hostels are popping up in towns and cities around Europe, and they’ve experienced something of a change in recent years; gone are the days of a dorm room shared with a random group of strangers. 

So, locate a comfy hostel that is close to all of the attractions you wish to see. Also, a good option would be to look for campgrounds near your destination, as they are frequently accessible by public transportation and are an excellent way to reduce your accommodation costs.



Plan how to get from one country to the other

Once you get to Europe and plan on visiting several countries that are close to each other, make sure you have your transportation well-organized. This is the moment when the budget might skyrocket, so do your homework. For a family of five, renting a car might be less expensive than buying five rail tickets when traveling from one country to the other. But, certain rail companies, such as Rail Europe, provide discounts for children. They also provide savings for visiting various countries. 

This way you have various options, so make a good plan and choose the best one. When you are visiting the cities in one of the countries, use buses, bikes, or metros because they are all cost-effective transportation choices. Some cities have bus passes (purchased in bulk at a discount) and bikes for rent. In addition, metros are often less expensive than cabs. 

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Final thoughts

There are numerous factors to consider before traveling, so plan all of your activities ahead of time so that you can enjoy your trip when the time comes. Choose a place and mode of transportation, then compare rates to determine whether they meet your budget. Once you’ve settled in, start counting down the days until you and your family can begin building cherished moments together.

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