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3 Simple Tips on How to Volunteer in Your Child’s School

Small Actions Yield Great Things

Countless studies have shown the parent involvement in the classroom and school has a direct impact on a child’s academic achievement, teacher morale, and classroom control. With billions of dollars being cut from already tight education budgets and classroom sizes reaching 30+ students, our schools are being stretched to their limits.

As a former PTA President, I know firsthand how it important it is to have parents volunteer. You might not realize how easy and little time there is to step up.

Here are three simple tips on how to volunteer in your child’s school.

1.) Introduce yourself. Making an introduction to your child’s teacher and letting her know you’re available–whether it’s to cut out lesson plans or papers for your child’s classroom. You’ll be surprised at how easily this fits into your time at home. You can cut out paper waiting for an appointment, at the table while your child does homework, during break, or while watching TV. It helps your child, her/his teacher, and the classroom. Or make a long-term commitment to come in and help. It’s up to you.

2.) Do you have the skill to share? In the past, I have gone into the classroom and given a micro lesson on how to create a Science Fair project. It was a fun opportunity for me, allowed me to engage in my children’s classroom and develop my presentation skills. It required very little of me, made me a rockstar to my child, and gave the teacher a well-deserved break.

3.) Contact your PTA President. Let him/her know you’d like to know what opportunities are available. There are so many opportunities without a long-term commitment. Can you provide supplies for a food drive; can you do the bulletin board this month? Perhaps make copies for this week’s flyer? Run an errand to the post office? Read to a classroom.

In the end, volunteering is about you. What can you provide? Whether it’s a short-term commitment or a long-term one or geared towards just your child’s classroom or the whole student body. You’re fifteen minutes helps.

What are some of the things you’ve done to volunteer?

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