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The 3 Best Apps For Busy Families

These days there is an app for just about everything you could want. Want to keep track of your calorie intake for the day? Your phone can do that. Want to figure out who sings that song with the really catchy melody? Your phone can do that. Want a fart machine? Your phone can do that. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of apps geared toward families. Here are a few of the essential apps no family should be without.

The 3 Best Apps For Busy Families

Dinner Spinner from

This app allows users to create a meal plan based on what ingredients they have on hand and how much time they have to prepare the food. Next time you’re running late for ballet rehearsal, and you open your pantry to find nothing but a box of macaroni and cheese and a can of peaches, tell the app what you got and it will (hopefully) put together a miracle meal for you.


This app is great because it can sync all your lists between all your devices. If your spouse goes out to perform a few honey-dos and you remember a task you forget to give them, get on your home desktop, fire up Evernote and add it to the list. They’ll instantly get the update added to their to-do list. Now there is no excuse for the kitchen sink not to get fixed.


Gone are the days of “OK, let’s meet back at the Great American Cookie in one hour.” These days when families take group trips to the mall, they can communicate via text message to let each other know if they’re being held up in a long line at Macy’s or taking an extra long time in the fitting rooms at Nordstrom. GroupMe allows families to create group chats so that instead of individually messaging each member of the family, you can open the app, open your family group and fire off a text that will reach them all. The app also allows location sharing, which can be great if you’re ever curious where your kids hang out.

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