Pain Relief Products to Keep You Moving

My goal for 2016 was to be stronger, which led to 5ks, which result in the need for an assortment of pain relief products.

Pain Relief Products by Salonpas to Keep You Moving

Surprisingly, I found comfort with a brand I had never heard of before named Salonpas. This brand offers relief for my back, neck and shoulder pain and knee pain.

I tried the following Salonpas Pain Relief Products:

  • Salonpas Pain Relieving GEL-PATCH HOT
  • Salonpas Pain Relief Patch and Arthritis Patch
  • Salonpas Pain Relieving Massage Foam
  • Salonpas Pain Relieving Jet Spray

Pain Relief Products that Get the Job Done

After completing seven 5ks in nine weeks, my knees were tired. They ached to remind me they were doing their job and probably they were begging me just to let them rest. My last 5K was horrible–who maps a 5k to go up steep hills?! So when I came home, I showered popped a couple Advil, and applied the sticky GEL-PATCH HOT patch to my knee. This piece contains capsaicin (0.025%) and menthol (1.25%). I didn’t notice a difference right away, but the next morning, I had no pain. It was a great feeling to be able to walk and do errands without the knee pain.

I also find great comfort in the Salonpas Pain Relief and Arthritis Patch. They are super sticky, so be careful of placement and removal. They work great at offering relief and keeping me going following workouts or cardio challenges.

Salonpas makes a pain relieving massage foam which I’m not confident about how I feel. It’s incredibly cold. Like brain freeze cold on the skin, you apply it to, and it’s immediate cold. If I keep rubbing, it warms the skin back up, and it does work in offering relief to my tense shoulders or lower back, so I keep using it.

Between the sticky patches and the Dr. Freeze pain relief foam, I admit, I was apprehensive to try the pain relieving jet spray. It turns out; I was missing out. It works much like the foam; only you spray it on rather than rub it in. It works ideally for those hard to reach areas. There is no dripping, and it dries almost instantly. It is cold, just like the foam, icy. My kiddos comment on my smelling like spearmint when I use it, but that has to be better than the menthol of other big name pain relief products; right?!

I love Salonpas Pain Relief Products. They offer relief and help keep my body going so I can work towards my goals, carry on through my day and just keep moving.

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