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Zhu Zhu Pets Ice Cream Social

zhu-nivers Ice Craem Party

Zhu Zhu pets have outdone themselves with their launch of an ice cream parlor and ice cream truck. It was the perfect accessory for The Beauty Queen’s birthday celebration.

ZhuZhu Pets Ice Cream Series

ZhuZhu Pets Introduces an Ice Cream Series

I love that ZhuZhu Pets are continuously evolving and introducing new ways for my kiddos to use their imagination. The Ice Cream series is colorful. The colors remind me of Miami’s art deco in pinks, purples, blues and greens.

There are plenty of accessories to make the ice cream series a sensation for creativity.  Complete with picnic table, buckets that spark play as ice cream flavor varieties, ice cream scoop, shakes, scoops of ice cream and even sundaes. My kiddos loved the serving window and serving the ZhuZhus.

The ice cream truck is the cutest thing! My kiddos love when the ice cream truck comes through the neighborhood and their play resembled that, including the excitement. It even plays music which really delighted them!

hand crank freezer

Hubby and the hand-crank freezer making ice cream!

As part of our ice cream social, we used our 1948 Sears hand-crank Ice Cream maker. The kiddos loved taking turns cranking, but in the end it was hubby’s strength that got us to its creamy deliciousness.

zhu-nivers Ice Craem Party

The ZhuZhu Pets are brought out!

zhu-nivers Ice Cream Party


zhu-nivers Ice Cream Party

Even my bigger kiddo loved the ZhuZhu Ice Cream Social

No compensation was received for this post. Through MomSelect and MommyParties, I received the ZhuZhu Pets and Ice Cream Parlor and Truck, for the purpose of hosting a party and sharing the experience with my readers. All opinions expressed are my own and those and were in now way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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