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Yanni: Truth of Touch

My house is a wonderland of chaos. There is a constant background and in-your-face noise. It is maddening. Sometimes. Long after the final kiddo is tucked in bed and the rotation of DVDs has lulled, I catch a moment for myself. This week’s “ME” time re-discovered Yanni. Ah, the calming instruments! The indulgence found in Yanni’s CD Truth of Touch is a soothing blend of what I need.
Off the charts for eight years, Truth of Touch is Yanni’s comeback instrumental release.  

“I work the rhythms in this album,” explains Yanni about the new material. “There is a beautiful complexity in these rhythms, a new sound design. I think the melodic content is very strong and very memorable. I was having fun with this album, and that’s going to become apparent.

When I need to have a moment of “ME” time, I prefer the instrumentals. It’s so relaxing to tuck the jibber away and hear the instruments sing to me.

The truth of Touch offers a slow tempo and tempos that cruise along more quickly. All are beautiful, and all are worthy of the person I call “me.”

My husband, who is more a talk radio kind of guy, enjoys Yanni and the exploration of various styles blended into one album. It’s an experience of music from my Miami days where Latin rhythm could be heard through the neighborhoods to my sons’ passion for Jazz. Yanni’s version of the music is a delightful journey for the ears, mind, and soul.

My favorite song on the album is Seasons. It just sounds to me like the enthusiasm I greet the first day of each season with, the prospect of new beginnings and the beauty of it transforming.

Yanni’s Truth of Touch can be found in music sections of major retailers across America, or it is available for mp3 download or CD purchase on Amazon.

I received Yanni’s Truth of Touch CD through One2One Network. No other compensation was received. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.

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