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8 Reasons Why Tree Trimming is Important

Planting trees looks like a simple exercise when the trees are in the early stage. But after some time, they start spreading the branches all over the compound, dropping leaves and causing distractions. Everybody wants vibrant and beautiful trees in the homestead, and that’s why tree trimming is vital.

Trimming of lime-trees in the city.

Important Reasons for Trimming Your Trees

To Improve Traffic and Pedestrian Flow

Trees planted near roads, footpaths, and driveways could block the paths if left unattended. This is risky since some twigs can cover road signs and hinder motorists from noticing them. Overgrown trees can also fall on cars or block the road altogether.

Improving Overall Health of the Tree

Trimming helps to remove excess branches which compete for air and nutrients. It also clears sick branches, which, if left uncut, can spread the disease to the entire tree. That’s why tree trimming in Ottawa ensures timely pruning of trees to improve their health.

Reduces Excess Shade

An overgrown tree can cover a wide area. If a tree is not trimmed, the lower branches will be deprived of moisture and sunlight. This will hinder the growth of other plants such as grass and shrubs.

Safety Purposes

If you stay for long without trimming your trees, some branches will die or decay. Such branches can fall on you or your loved ones if blown by wind or rain. Broken branches can also fall and damage your house or neighbor’s property. Some twigs can also fall on electric wires, which may cause a serious accident.

Increases the Value of a Property

A house with well-trimmed trees can attract potential buyers. The first thing customers will notice in an unkempt yard is hanging branches, decayed leaves on the roof and the ground. This will make the value of the property depreciate.

Control Growth

Just like any living thing, trees also grow. If you leave them for long without trimming, trees can overgrow and turn into forests. Branches of trees planted near a house can grow and block the sunlight on the house and break the glass windows. Trimming also helps to prevent your trees from spreading to your neighbor’s compound.

Disease Prevention

If a tree branch is infected, it is advisable to cut it down. This will prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of the tree. Trimming ensures sufficient flow of air between branches, which discourages bacteria growth.

Controls Pests and Animals

You should note that animals such as rattles and birds like living on overgrown trees. Some animals can even enter the house and cause trouble. Others feed on your fruits and vegetables. Birds also like building their nests on unkempt branches and cause a lot of noise, especially in the morning. Trimming your trees will prevent your home from turning into a jungle.

Whether you’ve planted trees for commercial or anesthetic purposes, you need to trim them constantly. A well-maintained compound looks good and can add value to your home. It is important to seek the services of a tree trimming company. These professionals know how to prune trees professionally.


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