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What Is a Home Appliance Warranty?

A home appliance warranty provide coverage against damage to appliances due to normal wear and tear. They differ from home insurance in that they also cover damage caused to both structures as well as personal belongings within them.

Home warranty providers typically charge monthly or annual coverage fees as well as service fees when you submit claims ranging from $75-125 per call.

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Demystifying the Home Appliance Warranty: Everything You Need to Know


Costing of home warranties varies depending on the size and complexity of appliances/systems you want to insure, along with your location. Service fees may also be assessed when making claims; certain companies include deductibles in their plans.Cinch Home Services for Florida appliance warranties can explain more.

Home warranty plans may exclude repairs if they discover that an appliance was improperly maintained based on manufacturer maintenance specifications, so it’s wise to carefully read through their plans to avoid any surprises.

Home warranties can be great investments when buying an older home that needs systems and appliances repaired or replaced, as they can save both time and money by managing repair technicians on your behalf. However, home warranties may not make financial sense when considering newer appliances that already come with warranties from their manufacturer – these usually last much longer.


Home appliance warranties provide coverage for repairs or replacement of aging appliances, including for roofing contractors. Some providers offer plans that cover both systems and appliances, while others specialize in one or the other only; coverage varies based on the plan; each plan also has unique coverage limits. To find the ideal home appliance warranty plan, it’s important to consider your priorities while reading sample agreements carefully.

Home warranty companies send service contractors out when a covered appliance or system breaks to assess and address minor repairs as well as assess if replacement may be required. Once done, they submit the claim to the insurer, who either approve or deny it according to its cause.

Some home warranty companies provide multiple plan options and add-ons, making it easier for homeowners to tailor their coverage. Select Home Warranty offers several plans with various coverage caps such as kitchen appliances and built-in systems; other home warranty companies, like American Home Shield, offer higher coverage caps at more reasonable monthly rates.

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Claims process

Home warranty companies usually offer homeowners an elaborate claims process they should carefully consider when reviewing home warranty plans. This may involve filling out a form or speaking to customer service to describe the problem, so it is crucial that this occurs as soon as a breakdown occurs – up to 48 hours may pass before an engineer from the home warranty company visits and inspects an appliance or system.

Dependent upon your policy, the company may opt to repair or replace broken items. Remember that repairs may only be considered if they cost less than purchasing new units.

If your claim has been rejected, seeking an independent second opinion is an option to ensure a proper assessment and ensure accountability from the company. This process should allow insurers to revisit damage with fresh eyes while allowing a second set of eyes to evaluate them correctly.

Customer service

When selecting a home warranty company, customer service should always come first. Providers with 24/7 customer support and multiple claim options score highly in this category; bonus points go for providing extra coverage perks or exclusive benefits. In terms of contract formation and list coverage, they should provide samples with covered items that customers can review prior to making their selection; some providers even provide online portals where customers can file claims directly while tracking progress; claims should be responded to within 24 hours and include at least 90-day workmanship guarantees while being available nationwide.

Home warranties offer additional protection from the costs associated with broken appliances and systems, providing additional peace of mind against repair costs. It is wise to compare plans from several providers before choosing one as your provider of choice.

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