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How Is VPN Better Than Your Regular Internet Connection

How is a VPN better than your regular internet connection? We explain in easy to understand language.

We all are quite well aware of the fact that when we surf online, every single digital move is tracked by the sites we visit.

And this tracking is not limited to only when we are visiting the site, but third parties also play a huge role in it.

And, many tools used for this enable sources to track you even if you close off all the tabs.

While web tracking by website might not for foul reasons, but there are many hackers are out there looking for any opportunity to snoop about and steal your data as it goes to the server.

The real harm lies there, and if the security offered by the website you are visiting lacks slightly, you are in for significant cyber harm.

Apart from that, your internet service provider is also keeping tabs on you, and even if you delete your history with the help of Google, or turn incognito, your activity is hidden from them.

These providers assure you of not leaking your information, but in reality, they are helpless when it comes to the government and other authorized bodies.

And these institutions require or data for security and marketing purposes.

If you are bothered by all this and want to increase your online privacy, then VPN is the best solution.

It serves in so many ways, from security to other means to keep your information yours.

No laws prohibit the use of a vpn in any province or city within the Canadian borders.

The same holds true in the United States.

A VPN is for those wanting to protect their privacy and security, including sensitive data like financial details, bank transfers, logins, and more.

woman logging into vpn with maf

Perfect Security

If you want your online identity to be hidden entirely, then go for a VPN.

It hides you completely from websites, ISPs, browsers, and hackers.

VPN does this by either encrypting or scrambling the data you accumulate while you are online.

While using the internet through a VPN, your messages and other online activities are completely shielded from any other snoopers.

diagram of vpn and regular internet

Protection from public wifi

In restaurants or shopping, you typically find public wifi and immediately connect your devices, because who doesn’t love free internet service?

Almost 82% of the American population, as proved by research, use public wifi wherever they find it.

How To Geek asks, did you know that public wifi poses great dangers to your privacy even if it is password protected?

It happened because you never know how many hackers are connected to that public wifi, and they only need a hint of your presence on that same network to snoop on you.

Installing a VPN on your device can protect you from such cyber-meddling by giving an extra protection layer to your data.

vpn on laptop screen

Additional perks

Other than securing and layering your data with protective encryption, a VPN offers many other additional benefits as well.

It can enable you to access sites that are not permitted in the region where you are residing.

It can give you access to streaming sites that are blocked in your region.

It gives you secured access to your company’s server when you are working remotely in another part of the world.

To sum it up, with a VPN installed, you can wobble through one website to another without worrying about any third parties keeping logs on you.

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