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Visit the Romance of Venice with Verragio

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. It’s a time for romance and beauty in all things. There will be weddings, and there will be proposals. It’s a time when chocolates and jewelry take center stage.

The Romance of Venice

I think all things Venetian are of romantic beauty. Whether it’s a humid August Day or a crisp day in February the old Renaissance buildings with fallen facades appeal to me. Shuttered windows provide a glimpse into dark rooms that have failed to change but little in through centuries of life. Narrow alleys and mutated green waterways where gondolas drift. It’s all the things that make me fall in love. Venice fires the passion and brings forward the beautiful.

Visit the Romance of Venice with Verragio

Verragio Venetian Collection Engagement Ring

It’s Verragio who has captured the romance in my imagination and created the Venetian Jewelry Collection. Like Venice, this collection is unique because it allows the ring to be customized with a particular look for the bottom portion of the ring.  It’s a ring that makes Venice come to life whether you choose a classic look or more intricacy in the design.

The creator, Barry Verragio, understands beauty. He is the innovator and creator of the exclusive Lumino Setting. This setting technique actually suspends the stone, allowing all facets to receive light.

The Verragio Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings are among my favorite. The ornately decorated band ensures that whichever ring you select will feel luxurious. As the diamond reflects the light, memories of candle-lit dinners overlooking the Grand Canal and a romantic walk, hand-in-hand, across the cobbled bridges that gracefully cross the winding waterways will warm her heart.

Verragio’s’s engagement rings

The lines of Verragio’s engagement rings reflect different aspects of feminine beauty, and every ring within those lines differs from the next. But every line has its own trademark characteristics that bind every setting together in a family style. Let’s explore the hallmarks of the different Verragio collections.

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable with Verragio, available at Kranich’s. It’s where dreams come true.

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