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Update on Members Mark 4X Probiotic

Today is the thirteenth day I’ve been taking the Members Mark 4X Probiotic, available at Sams Club. I’m loving it! I have even convinced my husband to start taking it with his regular multivitamin.

When I first started the challenge I shared my reasons for taking probiotics.

Members Mark 4X Probiotic

Members Mark 4X Probiotic

It was a shaky start. During Li’l Man’s party, the probiotics went to work.  I was in and out of the restroom as my body purged. It was only a few hours and when it was all said and done, I was a new woman. Julee 2.0! The bloat in my gut was GONE! While I’m still chunky, I no longer look like I’m pregnant!

Now, nearly two weeks later, my issue of needing help to get things to “move” through me is no longer an issue. I’m “normal” and I love it!

With all the pollutants being forced out, I have more energy and I am not nearly as uncomfortable as I was prior to taking the Members Mark 4X Probiotic.

My digestive health is improving. I’ve typically been one who could eat tin cans and never look back, however, as I get deeper into my 40s, my stomach is woosing out. Thanks to Members Mark 4X probiotics, my tough tummy is back. I don’t have to stop and think about what I’m eating and how it’s going to impact my belly.

My husband has noticed no change in his bowels and while he won’t admit it, I think he has increased energy. He isn’t going to bed at eight o’clock anymore.

Initially, I loved the fact that the pills were individually sealed and labeled with the days of the week. My mind is deteriorating rapidly and the reminder seemed like an excellent advantage. I’m not sure, now, that I’m sold on this idea. While the sleeves are convenient to take with you, I’m more apt to stay at home. A few times I had to dump the box out to find the right pre-packaged capsule. Then there is the issue of popping them out. It’s not terribly cumbersome, however, my 85-year-old grandmother could not get the capsule out on her own.

I do love that Members Mark 4X Probiotic is packaged in a three-month supply. It’s practical and should coordinate relatively closely with my bottle of multivitamins. This makes it convenient to replace both my vitamin and the probiotic at the same time and keeps me up to date!

I’m very happy with Members Mark 4X Probiotic. The results are noticeable and day by day I am finding improvements in my overall health.

Have you tried Probiotics? If not, what’s stopping you?

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