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The True Story of Puss N Boots is a Disappointment

We recently viewed The True Story of Puss N Boots from Phase 4 Films. It features William Shatner as the voice of Puss. It also made Kate Walsh’s line on the Charlie Sheen Roast come to life:

Walsh: “I’m so, so happy to see that William Shatner is here because a medical colleague had told me that you’d passed on. I said, ‘(bull crap!) Have you ever seen his resume? Shatner’s never passed on anything.'”

My kiddos are enormous Shrek fans. Perhaps this is where it all went wrong. I relied on Dream Works to teach my children about The True Story of Puss N Boots, and we left out the story by Charles Perrault. This is NOT that Puss N Boots…this Puss does not have the Latin suave and hypnotizing accent of Antonio Banderas. This Puss has William Shatner’s voice that, after a while, wears on you. This Puss is not a character meant to be good. He’s a prankster, a double-talker, and not a nice cat!

The Divine Miss M swooned when the Princess started singing in French, even though our American ears, untrained in any foreign language, had no clue what was being said. It was french, and that was all that mattered. The singing was horrible!

The music is not your Top 40, and it’s more the music found in Operas and Musicals.

The story is about Puss, a young, talking cat inherited by a young farmer. After falling for the Princess, Puss takes matters into his own hands and helps the farmer win over her heart.

The Divine Miss M was the only one who finished this DVD. Li’l Man bailed about halfway through, exclaiming, “I just can’t take it anymore.”

I thought the animation seemed to be left behind, though it resembled puppets more than animation.

The Princess is very disrespectful to those who help her. While she turned out nice in the end, it made open conversation for my children and me about how we really should value everybody.

The Divine Miss M reported, “I just wanted to know how it ended,” and three weeks later, she has not revisited this DVD, which is not of her character. If she likes a movie, it plays every night until we convince her to find a new one.

The True Story of Puss N Boots is more of a French film, dubbed over in English. I didn’t care for it, and while The Divine Miss M had to see how it ended, I don’t think it was necessary because it was good. I think it was more, “it’s got to get better.”

*I was sent a copy of The True Story of Puss N Boots through TeamMom and Phase 4 Films to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.
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