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Trick or Treats Made With Blair Candy

Our house is very much aware that Halloween is creeping and crawling right around the corner!  I’m sewing costumes, and we’re making classroom treats filled with Halloween Candy.  My kiddos want to treat everyone, and it can add up, but Blair Candy can help stretch the Halloween budget. They have amazing prices and a great selection.

We used the Halloween Peeps to make our Halloween S’mores in a Jar.

Halloween S'mores in a Jar

Halloween S’mores in a Jar

We looked everywhere locally and could only find the Ghost Peeps. Blair has a great selection, including the cat and pumpkin Peeps for even S’more fun in a jar!

When my husband and I started dating, he lived in the Bay Area, and I lived here in Utah. I sent him a care package now and then, and one of his favorite items was the Caramel Apple Lollipops. While browsing through Blair Candy’s selection, I saw a bag and remembered those care packages. I was shocked the price for an entire bag was just $3.00–then it got even better.

I discovered a bag of Assorted Caramel Apple Lollipops! I have NEVER seen these before. In addition to the original green apple, this bag contains the flavors of golden delicious and Macintosh. We received these, and my husband smiled. They are incredible and absolutely the freshest Caramel Apple Lollipops we have EVER eaten!

Caramel Corn Cob Plain

Caramel Corn Cob Plain

Every year we head to the Corn Maze. It’s a treat for everyone, and this year, my kiddos are all old enough that we don’t have to be designated “too little to scare.” My husband is stoked! This year, to help build their fright immunity, they’ll receive a Caramel Corn Cob. This is the cleverest popcorn ball ever! The Divine Miss M begged for one at the store last year, and when she got it, it was so stiff and hard–like it was left-over from Halloween 2009. Blair Candy is fresh. My husband and I shared one and couldn’t believe the gooey caramel goodness. There is no comparison to fresh like this!

sneak peek at our Halloween Draw String Favors

sneak peek at our Halloween Draw String Favors

Finally, we selected the Skull Lollipops! They come in a 17-count bag and are grape and strawberry cream flavored. Li’l Man thinks the best part is that they’re skeleton skull-shaped. They’re a great Halloween treat. We’re adding them to our Halloween Draw String Bags.

If you’re looking for freshness and pricing that’s a treat, not a trick, check out the Bulk Candy section especially Wrapped Candy.  I have no idea who created 1″ candy bars and decided to call them Fun Size –SERIOUSLY, when was the last time anything an inch long was fun!?! but Blair Candy has them. For your favorite Brands and even a flashback with Nostalgic  Candies, Blair Candy is incredible–make sure to leave some for the trick-or-treaters!

*This post was written for Family Review Network & Blair Candy, who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. All ideas and opinions expressed are mine and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.
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