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Top 7 Proven Health Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Marijuana was first banned in the 1930s. Dr. Bonni Goldstein, who runs several cannabis medical centers in California, feels extremely lucky as a doctor to be able to help people legally with medical cannabis today. For those who aren’t wanting THC, CBD oil is a great way to reap the benefits without “getting high.”

She feels like if it should become illegal, she knows people will still get it on the black market because they have already seen positive results. For one thing, with cannabis treatment and CBD oil for pain relief, the side effects seem to be much less than what is experienced with pharmacological drugs.

The Endocannabinoid System, the part of the brain required for so many of the processes in the body, helps with the body maintaining regularity. Dr. Goldstein does not recommend cannabis use for healthy children (CBD Oil is safe for children) and not for those whose endocannabinoid systems are not fully developed. But for children who are sick and for adults in pain, the benefits outweigh the risks.

cdb oil health benefits

Reduction in Seizures

CBD oil comes from plants with the genetics to grow high CBD to low THC ratios.

CBD oils have compounds that work synergistically to have positive effects.

Neuroinflammation is documented in a lot of patients with epilepsy, but no one was doing any work on reducing the inflammation.

But CBDs have a neuroprotective property that can be helpful with seizures.

Several parents have reported the reduction of their child’s seizures, both in number and in severity, when treated with CBD-enriched marijuana.

Other benefits were reported, including increased alertness, mood improvement, and better sleep.

There have also been anecdotal reports of beneficial results with Parkinson’s patients and Alzheimer’s patients.

Lowers Pain and Inflammation

As a natural pain reliever, CBD oils are highly beneficial.

They may function by impeding the neurons traveling on pain pathways.

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine in 2012 showed that CBD reduced the inflammatory response and neuropathic pain in mice.

The therapeutic properties of CBD might provide relief for numerous chronic pain conditions.

You can find tons of information and data about those properties online.

This section is a good place to find out more.

Anxiety Relief

CBD can help to reduce anxiety for those who have a social anxiety disorder.

There have been several studies with animal models and healthy human volunteers that show the calming effects of cannabidiol.

Researchers now suggest that Hemp Oil benefits could be used for other panic disorders, OCD, and PTSD. One study even found the cannabis agent was effective at reducing anxiety with public speaking.

Fights Cancer

Several studies have been able to show cancer cell death of some different cancer cell lines.

These include breast cancer, lung, and colon cancer.

Antipsychotic Properties

The antipsychotic effects of CBD are documented in scientific literature.

CBD seems to have many of the same qualities as other pharmacological antipsychotic drugs but without the usual negative side effects.


One study in 2006 showed that treatment with cannabidiol reduced the incidence of diabetes in diabetic rodents from 86% to 30%, says Dr. Axe.

Another study from 2013 published in the American Journal of Medicine found marijuana had positive impacts on glucose, insulin, and insulin resistance.

Nausea Relief

Fortunately for those who want nausea and vomiting relief but do not want intoxicating effects, CBD helps.

One study in the 2012 British Journal of Pharmacology found both anti-nausea and antiemetic effects, so CBD can help someone to maintain their body weight properly.


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