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The Perfect Test for the Dad or Son in Your Life

The Man Test. How Manly Is Dad?

My husband has that gene that makes him believe he’s the alpha male. While he’s  not at all into drinking beer and watching sports he thinks his brain is M-A-S-S-I-V-E! The kiddos and I are going to put that brain to the test with The Man Test (Sourcebooks; May 2011; 9781402254031; Trade Paper; $12.99 U.S./£8.99 UK; Humor; 224 pages) by Robert Dodenhoff . It is the guide to everything manly.

The Man Test cover

Seriously, my husband thinks he knows everything! The Man Test will be the ultimate Father’s Day gift and it’s going to generate some healthy competition. We’re all prepared to battle it out in some healthy competition and take the test, tally the scores and find out just who is manlier!

Thankfully for us, The Man Test is made up entirely of multiple choice and true/false quizzes. . At the end of each category is the answer key and an explanation of why that is the correct answer. We might use this as a cheat sheet before the Battle of brains! ;)

Categories in the book range from texting etiquette, owning a home, outdoor survival, and everything in between. All topics are discussed in humorous way but still focusing on important life lessons. There are questions like:

·         What is the best day to negotiate a car purchase at a dealership?

·         What should you do if a bear is about to attack you?

·         What are the three things women lie most about online?

We’re hoping we have the knowledge to dominate the dad at our house. Either way The Man Test will give us a great evening and since my husband already knows everything, we’ll let him continue to call himself a real man.

Robert Dodenhoff is from Isle of Palms, SC and was inspired to write this book by his sons. He believes that as the father of three boys ages 17, 15, and 12 it’s his job to make sure they have the knowledge to be successful men. Robert is also the founder and President of No Fear Media, a non-profit company offering web-based advice to youths on life-critical issues.

To get your testosterone raging, here is an excerpt from the book.


  1. A friend calls you, but you get disconnected during the call. Who should call back? You, or the person who placed the call?

a)      You call back

b)      The person who called you

2. (True/False) Toothpicks are available at the counter in a restaurant. It’s not acceptable to use one publicly after you finish eating.

3. If you have a round face, which of the following hairstyles should you avoid?

a)      Very short hairstyle cropped close to the scalp

b)      Hairstyles that add mass or volume to the sides

c)      Short hairstyles with height on top, like a “faux hawk”

d)      Hairstyles that hang over onto your face

4. (True/False) Be careful who you marry, as your credit scores are merged after the “I dos.”

5. Suddenly, and without warning, a shark attacks. What should you do?

a)      Repeatedly hit the shark on the snout

b)      Don’t try to fight, just swim away as fast as possible

c)      Repeatedly jab your hand into the shark’s gills and/or eyes

d)      Play dead

6. (True/False) Furnace filters should be replaced once each season.

7. When walking together with a woman on the sidewalk, where should you be?

a)      On the side farther from the street

b)      On the side close to the street

8. (True/False) You’re under attack suddenly and people are nearby. The best way to get their attention is to yell the word “Help!”

Answer Key: ǝsןɐɟ 8 ‘q 7 ‘ǝsןɐɟ 9 ‘ɔ 5 ‘ǝsןɐɟ 4 ‘q 3 ‘ǝnɹʇ 2 ‘q 1


*I received a copy of The Man Test. No other compensation was received. Others experiences may vary.
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