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Thanksgiving Pantry Staples

A well-stocked pantry makes me beam. I love the options and knowing that what I am about to make is going to have all the ingredients available without a trip to the market. A well-stocked pantry is also the beginning of Thanksgiving success. It’s easy to stock a pantry and affordable.

stocking a pantry for thanksgiving drawing of shelves with supplies stored on them



Thanksgiving Pantry Staples

Dried fruits:

Keep fruits like cranberries, raisins, dried figs, and dates on hand for making stuffing and for baking purposes.

Nuts and seeds: 

Use nuts in stuffing for an unexpected crunch.

Toss in salads and keep around for baking (hello, pecan pie).

Canned jellied cranberry sauce and canned pumpkin: 

We love when you make your own cranberry sauce or relish but we just feel like a canned cranberry sauce safety blanket is totally worth it (and still delicious).

Always have some canned pumpkin (we like Libby’s brand) around from October through December.


Chicken, vegetable, or turkey. Think soups, gravies, sauces – can’t have enough of it.

Spices and herbs: 

Move baking spices to the forefront of the spice rack and keep dried rosemary, sage leaves, thyme, and tarragon nearby.

Potatoes, onions, and shallots:

 Thanksgiving doesn’t usually slide by us without the mashing of potatoes.

Onions and shallots are the flavor purveyors of many holiday dishes and sauces.

Buy plenty – you’ll use them.


Keep fresh baguettes around for appetizer crostini-making, day-old bread for stuffing, and two-day-old baguettes for croutons.

Baking essentials (flour, sugar, vanilla extract, baking powder, and baking soda):

Do you think you’ll get by without making a pie this season? provided these tips

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